[Thunderlord][H]<Snack Temple> Recruiting Raid Heals and DPS for Heroic/Mythic Progression! (2/7 Heroic)

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<Snack Temple> is a Horde guild recruiting skilled players (18+) who are looking to join a guild aiming to push Mythic content. We are located on Thunderlord, connected with the servers of Azgalor, Azshara, Destromath. Our core is made up of raiders who have been playing since Vanilla that understand and believe that keeping a solid group of people together is the best part of the game.

Our main goal is to clear Heroic ASAP, so we can pursue Mythic level and contend to be a top-tier guild. Our raid schedule consists of three nights T/W/TH 8-11 CST. While our main focus is PVE, we are on a PVP server for a reason and enjoy World PVP, R/BGs, and Arenas in our free time.

Back in the MC to the WoTLK days, being part of and growing with a guild made WoW the most enjoyable to us. Currently, with the way there is LFR and cross-realm PuGing, the idea that truly being part of a guild by meeting and raiding with new people, staying together throughout expansions, and progressing through content, has been lost or forgotten. We want to recreate that old school style and offer a long-term home to those who share that vision.

Classes Open to Recruitment (845+ ilvl): HIGH Class Priority:

-Shaman: Resto/Elemental/Enhancement

-Druid: Resto/Feral/Boomkin

-Death Knight: Unholy


-Monk: WindWalker

MEDIUM Classes:


-Other classes with exceptional DPS always considered.

Obviously, transferring servers or even simply joining a new guild involves risk, but we don’t want to be a risk for you. If our vision is something that aligns with yours, and you see this as an exciting opportunity to find a long-term home, then let's talk. Guild Ventrilo is provided of course.

Shoot myself (Smiles) at lettuceflow#1132, Gabool (Gabz#1354) or Syracks (Everest#1178) a bnet invitation or a message and we can discuss any questions/information you need. Or, feel free to hop on our vent and talk if you'd rather chat there. Cheers!

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