[Moon Guard][A] <Dawn of Eternal Fate> 3/7N Recruiting All!

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We are a casual PVE progression guild. This means that we do raids, dungeons, and mega-dungeons. We are however casual, so when raids are posted you can sign up for them or let them pass by. We are a no commitment raiding guild, meaning you don't need to come every night, just when it is convenient to you. We are looking to at least progress through Heroic raids and dungeons. Because we are casual Mythics would be fantastic, but at this moment we are not aiming for them.


Even though we are a PVE progression guild there is one goal that we want to reach. <Dawn of Eternal Fate> wants to be an inclusive guild. We are a casual, social-focused guild wanting to make a space for those that just want a place to fit in. There is no pressure for you to be part of progression, we just wanted those in the guild to have a place to socialize and enjoy the company of others. Of course, if there is a problem reach out to our guild leader Eleyndre or any of the officers.


Currently, we are 3/7N Emerald Nightmare and we are running mythic+ dungeons.

Raid times are Tuesday/Sunday nights at 8pm server time.

We use discord for raids.


We are a small group of people looking to expand and would love to have anyone willing to join.


If interested add Eleyndre#1518, or whisper Eleyndre/Synandre in game.

Thank you for your interest.

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