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One Shot Burst Macro

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Hey guys,

I'm writing here to know about the others Fury Warriors. Does everyone use the One Shot Burst Macro for PvE or use the cooldowns without stack Reckless+Bloodbath+Skull Banner?

If u doesn't use the macro, how u use this talents?

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Macro'ing those 3 spells together will actually make you lose DPS in the end.

Thing is, you always want to use those talents with Colossus Smash, else they're pretty much wasted. Considering Dragon Roar and Bloodbath both have a 1 min CD, you always want to use them together but you never want to use DR inside CS.

Basically, if you have all your cooldowns available (i.e. the opener and every 3 minutes thereafter) it should look like: BT -> (Banner and Bloodbath) Dragon Roar -> (Reck) CS -> Into CS burst (RB & HS).

When you only have DR/Bloodbath available, your burst will look like: BT -> (Bloodbath) DR -> CS -> etc.

However, you could use use all 3 CD's at the same time if you use DR after the CS window. I've just never grown accustomed to doing it like this, but I know of a few warriors who are doing it this way. If you so chose, your 3 min burst would look like: BT -> (Reck, Banner and Bloodbath) CS -> 6 seconds CS burst -> Dragon Roar. Your 1 min CD burst would be: BT -> (Bloodbath) CS -> 6 sec burst -> DR.

Hope this helps,


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