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Hi guys, I'm currently at 780 Jewelcrafting, all my recipes are grey.  I have ran 60+ heroics and none of the 3 star patterns have dropped.  Am I doing something wrong, I'm revered with 2 factions so this again will take a long time to get exhaulted.

Any others having this problem ?





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Jewelcrafting is very well known currently for being a complete pain to level.

Our healer leveled using the 815 necks, but they just got lucky with the pattern drop.

It's also worth remembering that DMF is in town, so go get your 5 skill ups.

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    • By Sniz
      I just wanted to give a heads up to Icey Veins (jewelcrafting) guys of a market opportunity that 7.1 brought.
      Among all the problems with Jewelcrafting is actually finding something to do with raw green gems.  The price for cut greens drops so low its unprofitable, and green gem neckpieces are reeeaally unprofitable.
      So here is what you do.
      -every green gem is tied to either a cut, a crappy ring or a crappy neck.
      -what you are looking for is a 1 to 1 green to obliterum ash conversion. (Example: chaotic spinels can be crafted into a crappy jewelery which the forge will turn into ash, pretty much 1 for 1)
      -First, check the price of obliterum. Thats your baseline.  (Obliterum is hot right now with the 7.1 crafted upgrade bump)
      -Second, check the price of cut and raw greens. If the prices are below 1/100th of the cost of an obliterum then you are very close.
      -Third, IF the price of the green gems is lower than 1/100th or more, profits opportunities materialize. (Example: skystone raws selling for 15g. Obliterum 3500g. 15x100= 1500g for an Obliterum)
      -Fourth, buy, cut and craft all these greens, obliterate them, sell the obliterum.
      This can do 2 things, it resets the price of crashed green gem markets. AND if you are aware of you profit breakpoints you can easily realize 1-2k profit when selling the Obliterum.