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[Player] [A]<Stormrage> 859Sin Rogue looking for Heroic Raid team

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    Looking for a fun and relaxed Heroic guild.  Currently we only Raid normal in my current guild and it's a huge struggle, as the guild is extremely casual. I really enjoy running mythic+ dungeons and helping my other guildies level/gear/learn. I would love to join a more competitive, and like minded people who enjoy tougher content. 

    I will Raid and run dungeons with guild members when people are on and forming groups, but I would also like to run with my current guild during my future guilds non progression days. Mostly to help the people I've come to enjoy help get better and push themselves. 

     I look forward to talking and answering any questions people have about my skill level. Currently I'm ilvl 859 (w/legendary) top dps in our raids, and dungeons. Mythic progression is stuck at+6 as my guildies aren't quite there yet for a full team. I'm open to Raid any nights after 5pm CST except Sunday's. 


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13 V is currently recruiting to round out our raid group as we push thru H EN and in to Mythic.

Current progression.
7/7N EN
6/7H EN

We raid W/T 8-11pst.

Our goal is to fully clear H and push in to Mythic. We are a dedicated new guild with a raid group that is still being completed. We do take raiding seriously and expect high performance and total preparation from our raiders. We run a very efficient ship, while doing everything we can to make sure it is still fun. It is a game after all.

We have a very solid core at this time, and we are looking to round that out to make the push to Mythics.

Current Needs.
Healers. Need 1-2 healers for Mythics
Any RDPS that can perform and not stand in bad.
1 DH/DK dps.
1 DPS with an acceptable tank OS. (will mostly be dps but will fill in during tank absence)

We are always willing to review exceptional players of all classes and roles. Please feel free to add me to battle tag or contact Colarn or Aresrox in game.


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