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Hey you! yeah you! are you an aspiring raider or seasoned raider? well we are a new Horde guild called <The Retry>, formed by top members of an Alliance guild. We deserted the Alliance and have joined the Horde in Glorious conquest, a conquest for that phat loot booty. Our raid times and dates will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8-11pm server time (Ner'zhul). If you are looking for a chance to get into raiding, or wanting to join a guild that isnt a bunch of uptight elitests but still push for harder challenges, than we are the guild for you. Our founding members are laid back and awesome to socialize with. Raiding and Mythic+ dungeons are our focus. So come and join us and let's make Raiding great again. We are 7/7N and 2/7H experienced.

Message in-game: Seegerts, Storysofar, Nexiumlegs, Vàlék

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