[Proudmoore][A]<Manaholics Anonymous> (7/7N 1/7H) LF DPS and a Healer(Monk/Druid)

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We are a very new guild and are pushing ourselves to progress to mythic raids. We strive to create a fun and engaging community capable of pushing realm firsts. Currently, we're looking for for active members willing to participate in the Mythic/Mythic+ gearing process as well as those willing to assist in farming materials for raid consumables.

Raid Schedule: 

Tuesday 7:00 PM EST-10:00 PM EST 

Thursday 7:00 PM EST-10:00 PM EST 

Friday 7:00 PM EST-10:00 PM EST 

Recruitment Needs:

  • Tanks-DK/Warrior
  • Healers - Monk/Druid 
  • RDPS - 200k+ Capable Mage/Hunter/Lock 
  • MDPS - Open to all specs 

As we're constantly looking to improve our roster, a permanent spot is not guaranteed. And thus, consistent performance, attendance, and self-improvement is a fundamental requirement to ensure your spot and help the guild to grow. We do not require a paper application, but all players are welcome on a trial basis. 

For further information, or if you would like to apply for a trial position, contact either myself at Avent#1237 or Ninjafeet#1788. Also, you can contact us via whisper or in-game mail at either Avent, or Boulderbooty @ Proudmoore.

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