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[Ravencrest][A] <Skyclad> 0/7 New guild looking for raiders/socials

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Note: This is a copy paste from the post I made on the battle.net forums.


Skyclad is currently made up of a group of friends, but we want to expand into raiding, build a community of mature people and make new friends. We are not planning to raid super hardcore, but we definitely want to progress at a steady pace.

We are looking for essentially a full raid group and are looking to go from EN Normal to Mythic and then on to Nighthold when that time comes. Socials are also very welcome.

The plan is to raid 2-3 days a week around 19/20:00 - 22/23:00 server time. Nothing is set in stone yet, but that's the general idea.

So far we have a two healers (Pala/Sham), a tank(Druid) and two DPS(Sham/Rogue). Primarily looking for a PWarrior and a RShaman/HPriest and RDruid. DPS we'll consider any class/spec. (The two shamen are not currently in the guild, but will join soon.)

Former experience is a plus, but not strictly required. Gear is not necessarily required either as we will be running mythic dungeons and mythic+ weekly.

We do have a few requirements though:
#1: Bring your brain and be open to learning about your class and encounters, especially if you do not have a decent amount of experience.
#2: Have a sense of humour, we're playing this game for fun after all.
#3: Speak English.

We will use both Discord and TeamSpeak3 for voice chat/text chat/announcements, so having a mic that doesn't shred eardrums for a living is a plus, but again, not required.

If any of this sounds interesting, leave a comment below. You can also whisper Exsanguina and Rixiani ingame. :)

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