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<Origins> was formed very recently from a group of like minded, progression oriented friends with a common goal of making serious progress in a limited amount of time. As we are in the formation stages, no guild progress has been made, but nearly everyone has at least heroic level experience on one character or another.

We came in to this with the mind set of play what you enjoy, rather then what people want you to. We will for the most part hold to these ideals, but understand that group make up needs to come from somewhere, and we can't take 20 Demon Hunters into Mythic Emerald Nightmare.

Raid Days are as follows:

Wedendsay/Thursday 830-1130 EST

Occasionally a third day will be thrown in to the mix for progression standards 

We are in an open recruitment status, so nearly anyone will be allowed on trials. Above all else, we ask that you have a skill, knowledge and love of the class/role that you're playing. We can assist in getting you the gear, but not if you're dead weight. Contact our GM on battle net @ Originality#1615.

I hope to see you soon!

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