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Who We Are

Xtinction began as Shadow Rising on Drak'Tharon. The guild was close knit and raided together from Burning Crusade to Warlords of Draenor. The original guild went through many iterations from casual raid to hardcore raid and then to casual.  During this time many members came and went as adult life caught up to them.

Xtinction is a reclamation of the Shadow Rising guild. Our focus is to provide a guild for adults and family friendly individuals who are interested in seeing the content, but not at break neck speed.

What Xtinction is:

Adult oriented and family friendly guild
Laid back raiding environment
A place where you and your kids are welcome
Progression minded but at a much slower pace

What Xtinction is not:

A hardcore raid guild pushing the envelope on progression
A guild that will tolerate disrespect to its members
A high drama, high anxiety guild
We do like to keep the guild tight knit so we do ask anyone interested to fill out an application.

People We Are Interested In:

We are looking for new members that may have stepped away from the game due to family and life. We are interested in members who want to progress through the content but not at break neck speed. We are also interested in people who would like to raid or do dungeon runs with their kids.

If interested please fill out the application at http://

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