[Tarren Mill][H] <Security> (2/7 H) LF Ranged/Melee DPS & Healers!

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Greetings fellow players!

I want to inform you that the Guild <Security>, Tarren Mill EU[H], is recruiting players to get further into the raiding progress. We are a friendly guild and we do semi-hardcore raids, having fun with the members whilst we progress steady and being focused on raids. We have currently done 7/7 N and 2/7 Heroic and we are looking members so we can complete the Heroic version and the Mythic one!

Our raiding schedule is (Server time):

Wednesday: 20:30 - 23:30
Tuesday:20:30 - 23:30
Sunday: 20:30 - 23:30

The classes/roles the guild is in need of, are the following :

Range DPS :


Melee DPS : 



Demon Hunter


Healers :

For further information please let me know via the battlenet "Valiriel #2758" or you can leave a post here and I will message you shortly.

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