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The Darkmoon Daggermaw will allow you to purchase a new water based mount in 7.1 - and as we know, mounts mean gold!



You may or may not be aware that in 7.1 there will be a new mount made available at the Darkmoon Faire.

Darkwater SkateDarkwater Skate is a Bind on Pickup mount sold by the fishing vendor Galissa Sundew.  It is an aquatic based mount and although it is BoP it is still a gold making opportunity. 

On the current PTR the mounts requires 500x Darkmoon DaggermawDarkmoon Daggermaw.  These can be fished up in the waters surrounding the Darkmoon Faire island and are used for various other items (such as the Faded Treasure MapFaded Treasure Map and Translucent ShellTranslucent Shell).  The most important thing to note is that these fish are fully tradeable.

Making gold through Fishing

Fishing has always been good for gold making and for those that enjoy it, it can be a great way to pass the time while making some decent gold.  Throw on some music, watch Netflix or even tune in to a stream *cough*.  Fishing provides a lot of materials required for cooking raid food so if you have never really fished before it is worth giving it a go.  If you hate fishing then feel free to skip to the section below.

The Darkmoon Daggermaw

The skill requirement needed to successfully fish the daggermaws has changed.  I'm not sure of the exact values but my "new" main toon only has a skill of 250 fishing (no bonuses) and was just catching junk items.  My old main which has 700 skill was able to successfully fish on each cast with no fishing skill bonuses at all.

Just remember there are a lot of fishing skill bonuses available (from bait like Worm SupremeWorm Supreme to equip-able items like Hightfish CapHightfish Cap) if you are struggling to get a daggermaw on each and every cast.  As mentioned above fishing can be quite lucrative in general, so investing time in your character is not a bad thing!

You can fish 100 or so in about half an hour.  This number can greatly be increased if you are lucky to fish up a number of Bloated ThresherBloated Thresher.  These contain 5-10 daggermaw each.

But I HATE fishing!

As mentioned in my last article "3 Simple Steps to increase your gold" I encouraged players NOT to get involved in gold making methods that they wouldn't enjoy.  The same goes for this technique.  If you hate fishing then don't fish!  There could still be some opportunities to make some gold just in the buying / flipping of the Darkmoon DaggermawDarkmoon Daggermaw themselves.  Prices will vary from realm to realm so I won't be able to give exact figures of what is a "good price" to flip just a reminder that caution is always required when investing in any item.  

As it is a Darkmoon Faire item (therefore not available all the time), it can be quite lucrative if you time your purchases / sales accordingly (buy during the faire then sell when the faire isn't available).

 @GrahransWoWGold (a regular viewer in my stream and another avid gold maker) has been managing to buy and flip them VERY successfully over the past few months.  Take a look at his purchases and resales:


As you can see the last 7 days of sales has been crazy for him!  It's also worth noting that although the bulk were bought by one person there were a number of players that bought exactly 500 from him (coincidence? I think not :P)

There has been reports of players selling each of the fish for upwards of 200g, so it could turn out to be a crazy money maker!

Wrap Up

I hope you've enjoyed this guide and whether you manage to fish or flip there should be room for some decent gold making (or getting the mount pretty easily for yourselves!)  There's still a few days left before Darkmoon Faire ends this month so grab that fishing pole and keep an eye on the auction house!  If you need to skill up your fishing make sure you do it in the downtime between faires so you are ready for November.

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So tl;dr buy all Darkmoon DaggermawDarkmoon Daggermaw prior to 7.1. I've not been in the Fishing market for several expansion now, what's the reason of people buying the fish aside of the mount right now? Just to stockpile and resell later?

Let me have a look at my realm, will report back with results.

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27 minutes ago, Stan said:

So tl;dr buy all Darkmoon DaggermawDarkmoon Daggermaw prior to 7.1. I've not been in the Fishing market for several expansion now, what's the reason of people buying the fish aside of the mount right now? Just to stockpile and resell later?

Let me have a look at my realm, will report back with results.

Well no don't just buy them all - there's going to be a lot of players looking for people to flip and sell too so you always need caution as people will be trying to stick you with their over priced ones :P


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So let's see. Just bought some, 25g/pc. Kinda neat 40% MV. Tempted to buy all the fish from the AH and simply put my own price tags on it.


Reposted at 69% MP.

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25g per is good - I sold some overnight for ~80g each just to test the water ( pun intended)


I'll be fishing more later on.

Took me about 2 hours or so for the above.  Obviously buying and flipping is potentially more gold for less work but doing both is worthwhile.

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On 07/10/2016 at 10:01 AM, Peelyon said:

25g per is good - I sold some overnight for ~80g each just to test the water ( pun intended)

You win 250 PokeBalls :D :D

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I was actually able to grab 10K for 12g/pc on the AH, now they are like 26g/pc. Fun times.

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