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[Silvermoon][A] <Malice in Chains> - semi-casual raiders lfm

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Greetings champs!

Tired of ghost-filled guild rosters? No one to rescue Azeroth with? Or maybe you want to raid without too much pressure but at a steady pace? Good news! We, Malice in Chains, are inviting you to join our merry ranks!

Who we are?

<Malice in Chains> is a casual guild estimated in 2007, that moved to Silvermoon a few months ago and wants to rebuild its once brimming roster. Our story stretches to Vanilla times and since then we’ve been creating a safe space for all the WoW lovers, no matter the age, gender or whether do like gnomes or not. What makes our guild stand out from of all the others? Our diversity! Our ranks are built by people from wide range of ages (from college students to moms), different locations in EU (from real Scots to Southerners, Greeks, Danes, Poles, Germans and so on) and various jobs. We all may have different life schedules, commitments and even time zones but we still enjoy playing together. That’s what makes our atmosphere really friendly and family-like, full of bickering, pulling legs and jokes.

About raids


Currently we’re aiming to create a core raid team for Legion. We’re always 3-4 people short (especially committed tanks and good ranged dps), but we already cleared 7/7 EN on normal the first week (which we’re quite proud of). Now we want to dive into heroic, which is exactly why we need YOU to fill our roster. We raid without too much pressure and generally to have a good time, but that being said we expect our raiders to be fully committed and prepared to their full extent (i.e knowledge of tactics, foods, flasks and enchants, etc). No one minds wiping countless times if we’re making progress but don’t make us waste time. We don’t care about your ilvl and past raiding experience because that’s something we’re willing to help with (we’re running mythics and mythics+ every week to help players gear up). Bring a brain and a good humor!

Raid times are tbd, currently we’re running them on the spot.

Social life – what we offer.


We offer a strong community that enjoys to spend time together doing various activities, including raids, mythic dungeons runs and some even like pvping stuff. We also organize events for guildies like weekly lotteries and drunk races. Everyone is encouraged to organize their own events - so that everybody will find something to do.

Don’t be shy, mon!


If you’re interested or have any questions regarding the guild feel free to contact:

Belleteyn (mayHeart#2735)




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