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[US-Cho'gall][H] Can't Brew Luckydo

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This entire group so far has raided in the past but hasn't been raiding through MoP content, and we're looking to change that. This is a newly formed group of long time players.

We have a level 25 guild, guild repairs, raid consumables and most importantly room for like minded people to join us. We're lookin for players with a 500 ilvl give or take as with current lfr standings it shouldn't be to hard to aquire.

Down to the important bits:

As it stands right now we raid FRI and SAT from 7-11 server time. (CST)

There is room for this to change and once we have a full roster we can better settle on permanent raid times and days. We aren't looking to raid hard core progression at the moment, but we don't want to raid the older stuff over and over either. So it will be raiding through current raid tier, we just won't push 5 days or nights a week into it.

What we're lookin for:

1-2 melee (other than rogue)

2-3 ranged (one with a heal off-spec)

1 healer

Essentially we need 4 solid players and it really depends on what we get, will decide what more we need. We're pretty open and laid back. I just expect you to be there when you say you will be there and putting forth effort in knowing your class.

Once 5.4 is released and depending on the feelings of the group we may try to enter into the 25 man raid scene but as it stands now 10 man is looking the best until flex raiding is released.

If you are interested please hit me up in game under the character Dreamsfear or add me realid style if I'm on an alt dreamsfear#1109

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