[Stormrage][A] <Rainbow Generator> 6/7H. LF DPS

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<Rainbow Generator> is a newly formed guild on the US-Stormrage Server. The core group of officers are and have been friends for numerous years all brought together through WoW. We've all been between casual and hard-core players and have come to the decision to start our own guild. 

In our first week of raiding we've gone 7/7N and 6/7H. Hoping to down Xavius tonight 10/8/16. We are hoping to get into Mythics in the next few weeks so refer to the contact list and shoot us a message if you're interested. 

Raid Times/Expectations:

Raid times will be; 
Wednesday: 7-10PM 
Thursday : 7-10PM 
Saturday: 7-10PM

As we always will do our best to show up for every raid we expect the same out of you. We take pride in being good players and expect the same of our raiders. Be sure to research and understand your class mechanics. If you can take criticism and show you're getting better you'll continue raiding, if not we'll ask you to sit until you feel more comfortable.

Speaking of killing bosses we will simply use personal loot. The only time this will change is if we have had the instance on farm and are aiming for specific drops (Trinkets/Relics for example). Then we'll do a Master loot MS before OS and let a council decide.

Currently CLOSED spots: 

Resto Druid

However, as always if you feel you excel at the classes that are closed please contact us and we'll chat.


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