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[Dalaran][A] Knights Union 5/7 H EN Recruiting

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Knights Union is an Alliance guild on the Dalaran server recruiting for all its Raid Teams....  Here is a look at our teams.
Hardcore Team- Raids Tues/Thurs 730-1030. They currently looking for 1 heals and 1 off tank/dps.  We are currently cleared normal and are 5/7 H EN.
Casual Team- Raids Mon/Wed 730-1030. They are currently looking for a shadow priest, or mage, and a Ret Pally. They are currently 7/7 N EN and about to move into Heroic with a mix of Normal.
Flex Team- We have a flex team. Basically there raid day changes every week and its optional whether you go or not. Don't even need to signup if you want in you just join when they put it on calendar. They do raid one day per week the day just changes each week. They are currently 4/7 N
Weekend Team- This is a brand new team starting Oct 28th.  We are currently filling it up. By Oct 28th you will need to be minimum 840 item lvl, have all 3 relics and have atleast 2 golden traits. This team will be a hardcore style team running Fri/Sat 10pm-1am.  At thhe time of this post the team needs 6 ranged dps, 1 heals, and 1 off tank/dps
All our teams are 20 man teams except the flex team. This is to have the teams ready for Mythic.
Several ways to join or get information. You can straight join by going to the website forums at www.knightsunion.enjin.com. Find the rules in the forum section for each team, register, then hit the apply now button under the banner and apply.
Or you can contact me for more information in game at Duvdar#1675
Thanks and safe gaming.
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Hardcore Team (Progression Based)- Tues/Thurs 7:30-10:30 est.  (Waiting List Only)

Casual Team (More Laid Back)- Mon/Wed 7:30-10:30 est.  (Needs- Shadow Priest or Mage, Rogue, 1 Off Tank/Dps)

Weekend Team (Progression Based)- Fri/Sat 10:00pm-1:00am est.  (Needs- 1 Heals (Priest, Monk, or Pally, & 6 Ranged Dps)

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Latest needs....

Hardcore Team (Now 6/7 H) Needs 1 healer. Paladin or Holy Priest preferred.

Casual Team (1/7 H) Needs 1 off tank/dps. Prefer Monk or Paladin but will consider all.

Weekend Team (Starts Oct 28th) Needs 6 ranged any combo at the moment.


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