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[Alonsus] [A] <Ascendance> Recruiting!

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>>>MYTHIC recruitment<<<
We are looking for skilled and mature players that want to experience end game content while maintaining a relaxed raiding environment. We always will consider exceptional applications,if however we got to many of this combination of class/spec we might not be able to give a raid spot and wil inform about this.

Currently looking for:
1 non specific class healer.

• Raiding Days: Monday, Wednesday and Sunday
• Raiding Hours: 20.00 - 23.00 (GMT+1)

Minimum requirements
Before applying please check that you meet our minimum requirements. Our aim is to progress as quickly as possible which means that spending time gearing people isn't ideal, however, we may make exceptions based on the quality of a persons application.

• Have equivalent progress or a history of end game raiding if you are a returning player
• Be able to maintain 90% attendance

Nationality: International (majority are from the UK, with some Swedish, Dutch, Polish & Portuguese thrown in)

What we expect from a raider in Ascendance is very simple:

Attendance: We require our raiders to have extremely high attendance, we have a small focused raiding roster and to be part of that you need to attend.
Dedication: A raider who is not present cannot contribute.
Communication: You must be able to communicate clearly when required, with all raiders fluent in English.
Attitude: We do not tolerate raging over vent, if you have a rage problem keep it to yourself.

Ascendance is one of the oldest guilds on Alonsus, which started raiding when the server was launched. At the beginning of tier 14 it stepped into proper 25-man hardcore raiding, and was one of the best raiding guilds in the world. A large section of the Guild then changed allegiance, swapping to the Horde and moving to another realm leaving behind a 10 man raiding team and the social core of the guild. With a nice balance between old and new players we progressing on mythic continent and are commited to clear it.

Our members are passionate about the game, and our raiders look to push themselves and their characters to achieve the maximum that they can. All our raiders and members are expected to do what is best for the guild, rather than personal glory, with the aim being to achieve success by working together.

Outside of raiding the guild is very active with organised events and flexi raids occurring regularly where all casual members, alts and raiders get together for a bit of a laugh. We also have some extreme achievement monkeys, PvPers' and plenty of people who are always looking to level another Alt... So if Raiding 3 nights a week isn't for you, but you are interested in applying as a Casual, follow the recruitment link and apply, just state you are looking for a social spot and we'll let you know ASAP.
We got a casual normal(wil turn into hc at some point) run going on thursday 20:00-23:00 where a lot of our main raiders come along aswel. 

If the above is of interest please complete our application form at our website http://asc10.eu (all applications are strictly private and only viewable by the raiding team).

https://www.twitch.tv/sendara123 (ranged point of vieuw)


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