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Enhancement Shamans and the Fire Elemental Totem

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Hey guys, I just finished reading your amazing guide on Enhancement Shamans in Cataclysm (http://www.icy-veins...haman-pve-guide) which I just began playing after a long hiatus from WoW.

I have a question, however. In the guide you say our only DPS cooldown is Feral Spirit. Is the Fire Elemental totem not a pretty good DPS cooldown aswell? I remember when it was introduced, way back in The Burning Crusade, and it was pretty cool then.

Is it at all worth giving up on the searing totem for the duration of the Fire Elemental? I mean, it's going to be at best two minutes without Searing Flames upping my Lava Lash damage.

What do you guys think?



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spell_fire_elemental_totem.jpgFire Elemental Totem is no longer a viable DPS cooldown for Enhancement Shamans. Using this totem has two main drawbacks:

spell_fire_searingtotem.jpgSearing Totem does not do much damage by itself, so it's really the interaction with ability_shaman_lavalash.jpgLava Lash that makes this totem so important (hence why you should never be replacing it with spell_fire_elemental_totem.jpgFire Elemental Totem).

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Alright, thank you. But were I to play Elemental, would it be a good dps cooldown then? :)

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You're welcome! Yes it is a very good DPS cooldown as an Elemental Shaman (and so is spell_nature_earthelemental_totem.jpgEarth Elemental Totem, albeit not as important).

As an Elemental Shaman, the intuitive thing to do when you look at your various Fire Totems is to choose spell_nature_guardianward.jpgFlametongue Totem because it increases spell power for the entire raid. But Elemental Shamans have the spell_fire_totemofwrath.jpgTotemic Wrath talent, which causes all your Fire Totems to grant +10% spell power to the entire raid.

So, you should be using spell_fire_searingtotem.jpgSearing Totem most of the time and spell_fire_elemental_totem.jpgFire Elemental Totem whenever it is off cooldown (and it can be on the boss for 2 minutes).

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