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wow Artifact Power Spending & Off-Spec

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The choice of your Artifact path is yours to make. Most of the common questions are related to spending Artifact Power on off-spec Artifact Weapons and falling behind with your main weapon.

Good News Everyone!

If you're planning to play a single off-spec, but worry that you may sacrifice too much Artifact Power in your off-spec weapon falling behind with main spec - well, this is just a myth. If you're doing your regular chores like World Quests or Daily Heroic every day, putting points in your main & off-spec  weapons simultaneously will sacrifice only 1 day of gameplay up to the 54th Trait. If you're playing a Druid it's probably best just to level a single off-spec for now as putting AP in all your off-specs at once may be time-consuming and with the increased Artifact Knowledge Level later, it will be much easier.

The Numbers

Kib has created a spreadsheet with all the math. 

  • The spreadsheet doesn't take into consideration any dropped AP tokens and their turn-in at Artifact Level 25.
  • Saving all AP tokens from quests and other sources, turning them in at Artifact Level 25 may save your main weapon 3 or even 4 days to reach 54/54 Traits.


To better imagine the spreadsheet, here's a timeline put together by Zoopercat.


So What to Do with Alts?

There's still so much to do with your main, right? I'm facing the same issue, which is why I have my alt parked in the Class Hall. The only thing he's doing is placing work orders to increase his Artifact Knowledge Level on every cooldown with Artifact Research NotesArtifact Research Notes.

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3 hours ago, Stan said:


  • Saving all AP tokens from quests and other sources, turning them in at Artifact Level 25 may save your main weapon 3 or even 4 days to reach 54/54 Traits.


This was changed shortly before launch. 


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      In addition to the previously announced DK and PvP class tuning, today's hotfixes bring Hunter, Paladin and Priest PvE changes and a change to Skardyn's Grace.
      February 21 (source)
      Death Knight
      Virulent Plague damage over time effect has been increased by 67%. Damage unchanged in PvP. Summon Gargoyle: Gargoyle Strike damage has been increased by 50%. Damage unchanged in PvP. Dark Arbiter: Val'kyr Strike damage has been increased by 16%. Damage unchanged in PvP. Death Grip should no longer ignore Grounding Totem.
      (Marksmanship) Piercing Shot will no longer deal less potential damage when the Focus-cost-reduction effect of the Eagletalon Battlegear (4-piece) is active. Paladin
      The Light Saves now triggers when the Beacon of Faith target’s health drops below 50%. Priest
      Shadow Mend now deals appropriate damage to low-level players. Shadow Word: Pain (with the Misery talent) is now properly applied to the target when out of range. Items
      (Hotfix in testing) Skardyn's Grace: The duration of the on-use effect of item has been increased from 20 seconds to 35 seconds, and the amount of Mastery it rewards has been reduced proportionately. Player versus Player
      Death Knight Dark Simulacrum's cooldown has been reduced to 25 seconds (was 30 seconds). Blood Blood Death Knights no longer deal reduced damage in PvP situations (was a reduction of 10%). Unholy Crypt Fever's damage has been reduced by 15% Damage of Virulent Plague, Summon Gargoyle, and Dark Arbiter has been reduced to offset the baseline increases above, leaving these abilities unchanged in PvP.
        Druid Restoration Nourish now reduces the cast time of Healing Touch by 0.2 seconds (was 0.5 seconds). Nourish will now only apply Regrowth's heal over time effect (was both the initial heal and the heal over time effect). Abundance now reduces the cast time of Healing Touch by 5% per Rejuvenation active in PvP situations (was 10%). Fixed a bug that caused Nature's Essence to fail to heal on Wild Growths cast in PvP if the Druid had the Nourish or Overgrowth Honor Talents.

        Hunter Survival Caltrops now deals 20% less damage in PvP, and reduces movement speed by 50% (was 70% speed). PvP Template Agility has been reduced by 2.5%. Marksmanship Healing Shell now heals for its full value in PvP. Aimed Shot now deals an additional 5% damage in PvP situations. Marksmanship Hunter's PvP Template Agility has been increased by 5%. Marksmanship Hunter's PvP Template now has 150% Haste (was 175%), 100% Mastery (was 75%), and 120% Armor (was 100%). Beast Mastery Beast Mastery Hunter's PvP Template now has 120% Armor (was 100%).
        Beast Mastery Hunter's PvP Template now has 70% Critical Strike (was 100%). Beast Mastery Hunter's PvP Template now has 75% Mastery (was 100%). Beast Mastery Hunter's PvP Template now has 125% Versatility (was 100%). Beast Mastery Hunter's PvP Template now has 130% Haste (was 100%). Beast Mastery Hunter's PvP Template Agility has been increased by 5%. Mage Fire Cauterizing Blink's heal has been reduced by 33% in PvP situations. Fire Mage's PvP Template Stamina and Intellect have been reduced by 5%.
        Paladin Holy Avenging Crusader once again ignores line of sight when healing. Avenging Crusaderr will now cause Judgment and Crusader Strike to heal even if their damage is absorbed. Fixed a bug that caused Spreading the Word to make Blessing of Freedom trigger Cleanse's cooldown. Retribution Retribution Paladin PvP template now has an additional 3% Strength.
        Priest Discipline Inner Renewal now causes Power Word: Radiance to refund 25% of its mana cost when self-cast (was 50%).
        Rogue Assassination Fixed a bug that caused Deadly Brew's additional free Wound Poison effect to increase to Kingsbane's damage. Poison Bomb's damage has been reduced by 30% in PvP. Wound Poison's healing reduction effect has been reduced to 20% in PvP (24% with Master Poisoner). PvP Template Agility has been reduced by 5%.
        Shaman Elemental Elemental Shaman's PvP Template Intellect and Stamina have been increased by 5%. Enhancement Enhancement Shaman's PvP Template Agility has been increased by 10%, and Stamina has been increased by 5%. Stormstrike deals 20% less damage in PvP (was 15% less damage). Restoration Restoration Shaman's PvP Template now has 130% Versatility (was 100%).
        Warrior Arms Arms Warrior PvP template now has an additional 5% Strength, 5% Stamina, and 10% Armor. Arms Warrior PvP template now has 150% Versatility (was 125%). Fury Endless Rage now increases the duration of Enrage by 1 second (was 2 seconds).
        Warlock Destruction Chaos Bolt's damage has been increased by 25% in PvP situations. Reverse Entropy reduces the cast time of Chaos Bolt by 0.25 seconds in PvP situations (was 0.5 seconds). Backdraft reduces the cast time of Chaos Bolt and Rain of Fire by 15% in PvP situations (was 30%). Demonology Demonology Warlock's PvP Template Intellect has been increased by 5%. Demonology Warlock's PvP Template now has 150% Haste (was 100%), 75% Versatility (was 100%), and 75% Mastery (was 100%). Previous hotfixes.