[Durotan][A]<Mercy>(7/7H)LF Ranged DPS for Mythic

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<Mercy> Is currently searching for experienced and geared Ranged DPS. We will be starting Mythic Progression in the upcoming week. Below we will be listing some of our interests in potential candidates, as well as raid times and what our goals are looking forward.

Classes / Spec 
- Mage (High)
- Shaman / Ele (High)
- Priest / Shadow (High)
- Warlock (High)
- Hunter (Med)

- iLvl 855+
- The ability to pull and maintain 200k+ on Raid Bosses
- Experience! (This is not required, however does help)
- Dedication

Raiding Information

*<Mercy> is on the Ysera-Durotan server*

Raid Nights - 3 NIGHTS
- Mon 8PM-11PM EST
- Tues 8PM-11PM EST
- Wed 8PM-11PM EST

Since the Legion launch we have had mythic progression as our #1 goal. We have assembled a team fully capable of achieving this goal. We rapidly cleared EN on heroic with our new team and are just looking for the last missing pieces to this puzzle. If you feel you may be a good fit for our team PLEASE cisit our site to apply (www.mercywow.gamerlaunch.com) or reach out to an officer on battle.net:



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