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[Hyjal][H] No Obligation now recruiting!

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<No Obligätion> is a guild of mostly 30+ age group that raid Tuesday/Thursday from 5:30P - 8:30P server time, and occasionally on Sunday/Monday nights. Our current core is well progressed into Mythic+ dungeons and we always have mythic runs going in the evening. Our peak times for players is typically between 3PM server and 3AM server, so if you're on and want people to raid, mythic, and generally have fun with, we're the group for you.

Current stats, as it seems this is important:
- RL is 7/7 N and 5/7 H EN, leading raids since Vanilla.
- Repairs during raiding always paid for by the guild.
- We like to have fun and typically steam our goofiness on Twitch.
- It's more important to us to enjoy the game and the group we're gaming with.
- Always willing to help people level professions, characters, and get that iLevel up to par. (Because iLevel is LIFE! lolol)

Our current MAJOR needs are as follows (No item level requirement, we can help you with that.):
- Monk/Priest healers, Melee dps

We do not shy players below 110 away. If you're more of an altoholic, you're still very welcome here.

Feel free to contact me in game if you see me on, or just do the easy thing and battletag me for more info @ Krazen#11987

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