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[Guide] Why does it always Healing Rain on me?

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The Guide to Optimizing Healing Rain in Adverse Situations


Why does it always Healing Rain on me?

The aim of this thread is to discuss the situations in which Healing Rain is very difficult to optimize. Here, I'm thinking specifically of 10-man raiding (because seriously 25-man is HR heaven!). We have a list of fights/phases in the Seige of Orgrimmar for which Healing Rain is difficult to use well. What we need is suggestions on how to target the Healing Rain to get the benefit out of it.


We also keep previous tiers' tips for posterity.

Bosses and Phases


Seige of Orgrimmar


We currently need tips for the following fights;

  • Immerseus
  • Fallen Protectors
  • Norushen
  • Sha of Pride
  • Galakras
  • Iron Juggernaut
  • Kor'kron Dark Shaman
  • General Nazgrim
  • Malkorok
  • Spoils of Pandaria
  • Thok the Bloodthirsty
  • Siegecrafter Blackfuse
  • Paragons of the Klaxxi
  • Garrosh Hellscream


Throne of Thunder

We asked for tips for the following fights;

Requirements for Posting Tips

  • If you want to submit a tip, please start your reply saying which fight and which phase you're talking about. This will make it easier to collate the responses.
  • Bear in mind that the minimum expected targets is 3, and we usually like to have 4+ in Healing Rain. Please be as explicit as possible as to how many people you manage to get in using your tip.
  • If you can, please note the raid composition you generally work with (X tanks, Y healers, A melee DPS and B ranged DPS will suffice) and what your attitude is like (hardcore/casual/casualcore will do). This will help us to assess whether the tip is really useful generally.

Other discussion

Please discuss and pick apart any tips you see. Discussion is really useful here so that we can judge what tips are useful!

Tips Compilation


[Door Phases]
Dropping Healing Rain with its borders on the add tank so that the tank and DPS walk through it on the rotation around the arena. Expect the n.o. targets to vary with group, but you can get up to 6 at once.

[War God phase]
Use it near the edge of War God's hitbox. This allows everybody to stack in the shiny while War god is burned down.

Council of Elders

[before Sul is killed]
If your tanks keep Sul and Malak on top of each other, you should be able to keep Healing Rain down on them and the melee for ~4 targets most of the time. Varies with group comp and tactics, obviously best with 2+ Melee.


[Outside of Rampage]
If your raid is particularly switched on, you can get up to 4 people comfortably spread out inside the healing rain. Aim to have the area free of fire if possible and target it on the ranged. How easy this is will highly depend upon your kill order.

Durumu the Forgotten

[shiny Colour Beams Phase]
This will vary depending on your tactics. If you keep one healer and your tanks in the Blue Beam (which should be stationary) then target it on them. Note that HR can be difficult to see over the shiny blue effect of the Beam. Expect 3-4 targets with a good uptime, dependent on composition.

[Death Beam Phase]
In the Death Beam phase, you can expect everyone will be stacked up. Cast the Healing Rain as far ahead of the group as possible - you tend to move around quite fast so maximise the time people can stay in it. You can get up to 10 targets like this.


Lei Shen


[Transition Phases]

Using Healing Rain when your platform gets an Overcharged or a Static Shock might help, but in 10-man you will only  get 2-3 people in.


[Phase 1]

Thunderstruck is a very predictable move, so you can cast Healing Rain on your tanks and melee before it hits. Only really worth doing when you have over 2 melee players.


[Phase 2]

Your raid will prefer to stack up in Phase 2, so casting Healing Rain on the boss around the time Ball Lightning lands is a good idea. It should heal everyone very efficiently and prevent you having to cast additional heals in this part of the phase.


[Phase 3]

The raid has to deal with spreading out and stacking up a lot. Casting Healing Rain on/near your tanks will probably be the best bet. Using it just before Thunderstruck will get the best efficiency out of it.

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Durumu [beam Phase]

It's very difficult to find a good target for HR in the Beam Phase because there is so much movement. My raid uses a tactic where a healer, two tanks, and often one other DPS, sit in the Blue beam and remain mostly stationary. If your raid uses this tactic, you can expect 3-4 people with a reasonable uptime. Our general composition means we usually have one ranged DPS in the Blue beam.

The problem with this is obviously that the blue Healing Rain effect is very difficult to see in the blue beam effect. You could put it on yourself (if you are standing in the Blue beam) or another healer who is there and ask everyone to stack up on that person.

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Doors - Our group slowly rotates from left to right at each active door as stuff hits the ground. Which allows me to drop Healing rains at each door right at the edge of where our adds tank is standing and get the 2 Melee and 3 ranged inside it with a pretty good uptime. Usually just as 1 ranged is moving out of the rain the tank is moving into it. 5-6 targets depending on how fast people are moving on each door.

War-god - I drop a Healing rain just at the edge of War-god's hit box. Just enough that the whole raid can stack right in the rain while we kill war-god.

Council of Elders (before Sul is killed)

Our tanks keep Frost King and Sul on top of each other until Sul is down. As well as keeping our 2 melee on Sul unless we get close to Dark power on the Empowered. During this time I can drop a rain right under them and get 3-4 targets in my rain with almost constant uptime.

Megaera (outside of Rampage)

Outside of Rampage i keep a healing rain on ranged. We can spread out just enough around the edge of the rain to get 4 targets for the first few heads then 3-4 as we get into the last 2.

Casual Core

Usual Raid comp 2 Tanks, 2-3 Heals ( Druid, Pally, Shaman), 2 Melee, 3-4 Ranged.

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Thanks for your tips Kateraina, I'll update the OP when I get home late this weekend / early next week.

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Lei Shen (P1 and P2)

We run a 2-tank, 2-melee comp for this but Lei Shen seems to move around a bit too much for Healing Rain to be very efficient most of the time. The only exception I've found is that when ability_thunderking_thunderstruck.jpgThunderstruck lands, most of the raid tends to stack up on Lei Shen. This is a perfect time to precast Healing Rain on the tanks and get a good few optimised ticks at a time of large spike damage. I tend to get about 6 targets for 70% of the uptime (estimated).

This also works on P2 when ability_thunderking_balllightning.jpgSummon Ball Lightning is cast - the raid tends to bunch and precasting can do a lot of healing. I've not managed to test this very much on P2 since we're still progressing on Lei Shen at the moment.

We raid casualcore twice a week.

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I figured I would give a bit of what's worked for me in SOO. I raid in a progression oriented raid team and we are 5/14 Heroic currently. I heal with 2 monks, 2 priests, and a druid, subject to change for each fight and sometimes we have a holy paladin. For most fights we have 2 tanks, 4-6 Healers, 4-6 Melee, and the rest at range. 


H Immerseus 25 - I try to keep healing rain in high traffic areas, people aren't stacked for long so it's not easy to keep it on a pile. Watch the movements called for by the RL and try to set HR so that people run through it for heals. Again, not a great fight for healing rain but easy enough to get people running through it. (commonly will heal 6 targets but not full duration)


H Protectors - Great fight for healing rain, I try to keep it down where the ranged will be since there is usually a ground heal under the melee, then the greatest times are when everyone stacks for meteor and of course on Sun's Desperate Measures. I also will pop SWG and AG at this time to make sure no poison or rook's clash will kill us. (Almost always has max targets/duration)


H Norushen - Another great fight for healing rain, AG can also work on this fight, but I don't always use that talent. Keep HR on the stack points and a huge tip for HR, when the stack point shifts due to beam, set an HR at the halfway mark, so that people running around it will get healed up on the way. Movement points on this fight are what kill so use HR to offset that. I usually put an HR down at the halfway mark and a HST then ghost wolf around back to the stack point and have an HR waiting for them. (very easy to keep max targets/duration)


Sha - (haven't done heroic) Just keep HR on the ground, the fight is almost always stacked, conductivity can ease mana if that's a concern. This fight is just too easy on normal IMO. Make sure there is an HR on burst and rotate cool downs with the other healers when burst is going off on high pride.


H Galakras - HR is a decent boost on this fight, though HST usually tops it in the logs. I just use a normal healing rotation on the ground putting HR on the tanks and melee pile. When she lands, then i keep HR on my assigned stack point and rotate cool downs with the other healers in the last phase. (Hits 4+ targets probably 75% of the time, 100% on galakras phase)


H Jugg - At first glance this is a mediocre fight for HR, but when you really plan out your usage HR shines like diamonds on the ground. During the normal phase i just use it so that it hits as many people as It can. We are all spread so it may only hit a few people, but where HR is amazing is on the knock back, I will cast my UE on myself to top me up before the knock back, then as soon as we land i drop a HR then CDs are rotated between the healers, On the way back to the boss I will cast UE on myself again to top me up and then an instant HR to top everyone up as they reach the boss again. HR really is a great clutch heal for those moments of crazy movement in this fight. Love the fight btw. (4+ targets most of the time, shines as a clutch heal)


That's as far as I've gotten in Heroic 25 man, we are doing Nazgrim tonight so we'll see how that goes. The rest of the fights on normal are pretty easy to heal, and the usage of HR seems really transparent, but just to fill out the post for those just beginning normals or what not I'll keep going.


Dark Shaman - HR will always have a place just follow the pack as they circle the room, if you are assigned tank healing just keep it under the tanks, pretty straight forward use of it.


Nazgrim - I usually keep HR on the ranged but will sometimes shift it to the melee pile under boss. I do more direct healing on this fight usually though.


Malk - I just keep HR on the tank since we are all spread so far even in 25 man.


Spoils - Just set it so that HR will hit people as they run through or as a spot they can run for a quick heal.


Thok - Keep it on the pile as much as you can, I usually will use a bit more haste so I can still cast a HR in between screeches until I have to use an instant one as stacks get really high.


Siegecrafter - I typically just keep it where ranged can get to it unless there isn't a ground heal on the melee.


Paragons - People are usually loosely stacked so I just try to position in high traffic areas and/or under the tank(s)


Garrosh - I find that we stack pretty regularly even if only for a bit. I keep HR ready on these moments and HR gets to stretch its legs a little bit.


I will edit this post with new information on Heroic encounters as I down them, I don't see a whole lot of people doing H25's so maybe this will help the few that do.

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Thanks for the response CptDan. I'd forgotten about this thread! I'll curate the responses into the main thread when I have time. One thing to take note of: the thread is really focussed on 10man raiding, where strategies like your Paragons tip mostly don't work.

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Yes, sometimes i forget about 10 man raiding. The usage of HR on Klaxi would be totally dependent on raid comp in 10 man. In 25s you have enough of a traffic area they could run through the HR for a good bit of healing while they run through.

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      STOP ASKING IF THEY ARE RIGHT. You're basically asking if you told Mr. Robot the correct weights.

      You can make him right/wrong.


      Hello. I am here to clear up some hate about Mr. Robot. I haven't necessarily seen anyone on these forums say they don't like it, but I've talked to some guildies and other people over the game and a few seem to not like it.

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      If you are playing a new class, most of the time you don't know what stats to go for at all. Using Mr. Robot and following his suggestions just to get started will probably give you the best start on the class until you decide to delve deeper into it and learn what you want out of the spec in terms of stats.

      Then there's the argument that "It will teach new people the wrong way of gearing/haste caps etc" Well, new people in general will do stupid and wrong things. It's their way of learning the class and Mr. robot is a stepping stone, which provides all the TOOLS to get you where you need to be. Most players will find that they want something different out of their class but the problem is you just have to actually work for it, like most things in life.

      The reason Mr. Robot is such a powerful tool is that it allows you to change your weights. By setting your own custom weights you are able personalize the optimizer to do exactly what you want for your gear. You just have to know what you want and adjust the weights to your preference.

      An example: Here is Mr. robots default weights for a Mistweaver Monk

      Which gives me a ton of spirit (14k~) the first haste cap and then some crit and mastery after theres enough spirit.

      These work wonders for new MW monks who just start out. It would be the exact same way I would tell them to gem/reforge, but personally I want something completely different.

      Since I have a pretty high ilvl and I am doing Heroic 25m ToT raids, I decided I want to maximize my total crit. I also wanted to prioritize crit over intellect in terms of gemming, but I did not want to completely ignore intellect socket bonuses. On top of that I wanted to get the 3rd haste breakpoint of 9158. Lastly I wanted to get rid of spirit. The legendary meta gem and my mana tea mechanics are enough for me to do any heroic ToT boss with very minimal spirit, but the biggest annoyance is excess haste over the cap. And any excess haste that could be easily transferred to cirt or spirit, should be.

      This is what I ended up with.

      Pretty different weights. To make the optimizer gem for more of a secondary stat than a primary (crit > Int in this case) You need to make sure that the secondary stat weight is MORE than half of your primary stat weight. (half of 2.5 is 1.25), but by having Intellect as a higher weight than Crit, it will still try to go for Int socket bonuses since it is the #1 stat. If i wanted to gem more intellect than crit, I would simply bring the weight of crit down to 1.2 or 1.

      The bottom line is that most people who hate on Mr. Robot dislike it because of the default stat weights. What I would highly suggest and implore, is that you give it a second chance and mess with the custom stat weights. If you take the time to think about it from Mr. Robots point-of-view, they need to generalize their default stat weights to try to cover the very basic and most stats can change depending on gear and sometimes even encounters. It's pretty difficult to come up with a general set of weights that will work for everyone and every encounter.

      By doing this you not only gain a deeper understanding of your class and how you want to maximize your stats, but you are also happier with the suggestions of Ask Mr. Robot and know that you are much more optimal than before.

      Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope that I at least helped change someones mind or helped someone find a new way of optimizing their character.


      More Information to help get you started:
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