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[Stormscale][H] <Dalaran Lap Squad> 2/7 Mythic Recruiting for Mythic

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Hey Guys! Thanks for dropping by on our Thread. All the info you would need about us as a raiding guild is listed below. If you are interested in joining a very relaxed, yet productive adult raiding guild, make an application on our website. We take a lot of pride in our gaming, while also ensuring we are having loads of fun.

Current Progression: 2/7 Mythic EN. 3/3 Normal ToV

EU Stormscale Horde

A well-established social and friendly adult gaming community.

We believe that we can create a guild of adult gamers who share similar interests as us, and build a legitimate, community based team of quality mythic raiders who embrace the “one team, one mission” concept.

Current Needs
- Feral/Resto Druid
- Havoc Demon hunter
- Mage(s)
- Resto Shaman
- Marksman Hunter
- Windwalker Monk
- Arms Warrior
- Holy/Shadow Priest

If your class and spec issn't represented above you can still apply but keep in mind that we only take exceptional suiting players.

Basic Requirements:
- Adults (20+)
- Discord with working mic
- Goal/Team oriented (Long-term friends are what we are recruiting)
- Positive attitude (Mythic raiding can be difficult)
- Be able to make times/days

Raid info: 
- Raid days: Tue, Thu, Sun
- Raid Times: 19.45-23.00PM server time
- Voip: Discord
- Loot: RC Loot Council
- Goals: Clear all Mythic content in Legion in a respectable time frame.

Still Interested?
Visit us on dalaranlapsquad.enjin.com and make an application!

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