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[Kazzak][H] <Lads on Tour> 2 Day a week Mythic Raiding guild!

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<Lads On Tour> is a newly formed guild of long time friends who decided to slow down from hardcore raiding and chill out in a more casual environment.
Raiding Hours

Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 Game Time and Monday 20:00 - 23:00 

Most of the raiding core have raided at some point during their WoW career at a hardcore level, this carries over to our two day raiding attitude. We would like to aim towards placing in the top 300 or higher even though we're limited on raiding hours.

What do we need?

We're currently open to all applications, regardless of our availability on raid spots an exceptional application will always be considered. However there is a high demand for Ranged DPS, Hunters and Warlocks are in High demand! 

Will I always get a raid spot?

This will depend on you, if you perform how we want you too then you will get a spot on both raid days. We will however always have people on the bench as we might require other classes for certain encounters. Officers are however less likely to sit out for obvious reasons.

What raid experience do you need?

Have previous raiding experience is always going to boost your application, awareness of the current raid bosses on Mythic is what is most important. Bringing you straight into the raid team requires you to already know and manage raid mechanics, this is vital for passing your trial.

What item level do I need?

Item level has never been the most important thing when coming to applications, if you can display the ability to do boss mechanics and are able to use common sense then your application and trial period will I'm sure will be a successful one.


> Optimising your gear with enchants, gems as well as researching your BiS items with programs like simulation craft.

> Having 100% raid attendance or having close to that, only raiding two days is obviously lacking to higher ranked guilds and will really knock our progression if we lose you for one of those two days regularly.

> Not going AFK randomly during raids outside of the allocated break time.

> Spending as much time as you can outside of raids running Mythic+ to improve your gear where it might be lacking, this will aid us in faster boss progression. 

> Bringing flasks, potions and the highest stat food buff.

> Good communication skills, being able to call out relevant information on Teamspeak when required.

> Turn up to raids on time with everything you need for the raid.

In regards to our current progression, we haven't had the numbers to really push Mythic at all since it was released. Once the Mythic roster issues are resolved all of the above about pushing Mythic bosses will certainly be a factor. 

How to Apply?!? 

Visit our website ladsontour-eu.com, sign up and fill out the application form on the "Apply here" tab. Any questions about the application or anything else please don't hesitate to contact me: Contact me on LJT#21428

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