[Ragnaros][H] Canes Venatici UAE Based Guild Recruiting for Legion Progress

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Canes Venatici is a UAE Based with different nationalities (English speaking),  guild currently reinstated as a U.A.E based Horde guild in Ragnaros server, aiming to raid at convenient timing for U.A.E based players. We are looking for players all around the world who are interested to raid at our times. We reformed the guild 2 years back but due to lack of content we took a hiatus from the raiding scene. Our Progress in WOD was 13/13.

We are back for Legion and would like to add new members to our team who are interested to join us in the worldly adventures of Azeroth . We also have an active Facebook page and a Whats app group for our members where we post both guild related and random stuff. 

Our raid timings are 17:00 - 20:00 for 3 days , IE , Wednesday , Sunday and Monday. We are mainly looking for people who can attend majority of the raids and are preapred with the bare basic requirements to raid and progress together, IE , class knowledge, tactics, potions, food etc.

Guild Offers Free Flask and Potions to the Raidlineup during the raid. our Progress is Mythic 10+ in Dungeons and EM Raid 7/7 Normal 1:30Mins best time to clear and Progressing on HC we are at 3/7. Our guild have quiet mix of PVPiers who you can join for Guild RBGs.

With that being said we would like to emphasis on the fact that ours is not just a raiding guild but a social guild and we do take time in getting to know each other not just within the game but occasionally we do hangout for breakfast / lunch or just for a cup of coffee during the weekends.

If you're interested in joining us you can whisper the following players in game:


Blizzard LogoAV - (Se7en#2382) Shuj (GM) - shujdesign#2751 , WhatsApp Mobile Contact : 052-7867766 Drog / Avi - Drogonan#2951 Bie - Bielessar#2159

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