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Hardcore Slackers is a casual raiding guild at Quel'Thalas/Azjol-Nerub, founded by veteran players returning to legion.

Progress: 7/7 HC EN, 3/3 ToV norm and +9-11 Mythics


We are a friendly casual guild and We like to enjoy the game and see all of the content it has to offer.


We do all of the mythics every week and also lots of m+ runs.

Our first guild activity was unlocking the kosumoth world quest.


Our raiding atmosphere is super chilled, we don't tolerate toxicity and bm of any kind.

You can join the raids if you want but can miss as many as you want as well.

The only thing we ask for is having flasks/food (we can help you make them no problem) and knowing the bosses.

Some of the harder content might have DPS limits, but we do help our people gear up.


Our raid times are (server time): 

Saturdays => 19:00-20:00 to 22:00-24:00 (usually takes 2-3 hours)

Mondays => 20:00 to 23:00-24:00

And another flex day, probably Wednesday or Sunday when we are in progression mode


We're expanding our roster and looking for healers and dps (not dh or enha shammy).

Contact me at Shamdi (battletag: Mistere#2792

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