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Enhancement shaman needs help

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I am in need of help. My Doomhammer is currently on 887 itemlevel. From this weeks world boss I got 860 ilvl "Calamir's Jaw" which gives "Each target hit by crash lightning increases damage dealt by my next stormstrike by 2%. (which is semi ok).
BUT my current one is a 850 ilvl "Torch of shaladrassil" with 10% increased attack speed when stormstrike proccs.
So the question is, do I switch to the 860 ilvl one? It boosts doomhammer from 887 to 890. BUT i loose 10% attack speed. goes from 40% to 30%. Is it worth it? I feel stormstrike proccs alot and the attackspeed is very useful.


Skjermbilde 2016-10-19 20.06.42.png

Skjermbilde 2016-10-19 20.06.48.png

Skjermbilde 2016-10-19 20.06.55.png

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I generally follow the rule that if it is a 10 item lvl upgrade relic (860-850 = 10) it is worth replacing even if you get a less favorable DPS TRAIT out of it. Not worth it if you are going to a non dps trait unless it is 15+ items lvl.

Just my opinion 

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