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Enhancement Trinket Choice

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i was wondering about a few trinkets as i'm trying to max my dmg since my guild will be trying myth soon (can't complain atm, dmg is quite good)

Last night i got 


from Heroic Cenarius. I switched my 825 Devilsaur Shockbaton for it. Other trinket atm is 855 Faulty Countermeasure.

What i'm wondering is, another Enha is running 


and the proc'd stats difference is quite significant, as CoW procs at 865 with 2,760 Crit/Mastery/Haste whereas Memento on 855 with sth around 4,5k same stats. Duration is different, 10s uptime CoW, 6s Memento. Still i feel like a Memento on 865 could outperform CoW, since it also hast alot Mainstat. Simcraft won't give me contructive feedback, no matter how ofter i run in (more than 10k actions). has anyone some info on these two trinkets?

Is CoW good, or do i need to farm Maw of Souls again like a mad man (with this weeks teeming/necrotic not that easy)?


Bonus Question: Couldn't dig up any information about FCM being nerfed for Enha, can someone enlighten me why it's not good anymore?


Thx in advance!

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You want to run MoS like a mad man for momento it is arguably in our top three trinkets of momento, nightmare egg shell, and bloodthirsty instinct from ursoc. I have CoW and no matter what combination I use of momento. Eggshell and CoW, eggshell and momento always wins. CoW is probably our 5th best after the trinket from the last boss in arcway. If I had to rank the trinkets

Ursoc trinket > momento >= eggshell (depending on ilvl I need to do more testing) > arcway trinket > CoW 

FCM in my opinion has never been worth. I don't think it beats out the ones above. If you had to make an argument for it.... it scales off your Mastery and more haste allows for more hits or when used in conjunction with doom winds.

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