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[Silvermoon][A] (Broken Dreams) (7/7HC) in need of more people

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Who we are:

Our core team have been gaming together, across a mix of genres, for over 10 years. We've successfully lead communities, guilds, raids, dungeons, attunement processes and pretty much anything in between. We're a light hearted bunch who know how to knuckle down and get the job done. Most of the team is fluent in 'unsavoury language' and at times 'crude humour', so user discretion as advised.

Over the years there have been both relaxed and extremely focussed periods, as has suited the group and the content of the games we've played.

We have now decided to start up a raid team again, and have completed Normal and are 6 bosses into Heroic. We'll then progress on to mythic when we are ready.

We plan to raid 3 nights per week at 3 hours per night, as follows: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - 22:00 - 01:00 (Server Time)

Potential team members will have the following:

A good level of both written and spoken English and a working microphone. Self motivation and a desire to improve through research, practice and experimentation. The ability to take constructive criticism and develop through it. A willingness to communicate via Discord and participate in role, class and strategy discussion. A sense of humour and the capacity to deal with mockery and wanton tomfoolery. The ability to commit to 3/3 raids most weeks. (We understand that there are other things in life and things come up, the exceptions, but we do take raiding seriously and want to build a stable team.)

What we don't want: Drama Queens, Rage Quits, Elitest Jerks, Negativity & Selfishness

Members are expected to be competent at off specs and be open to playing different roles as guild requirements demand, though we will endeavour to accommodate your desired spec.


We are currently accepting most classes and roles, being tank the most needed.

Reply here or add Methozid in game to get in contact.

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