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[Illidan][H] <Walk of Shame> 7/7H Recruiting DPS/Tank for Mythic!

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Are you lacking in time or not wishing to blow 12-16 hours each week slogging through raid? Are you interested in focused, time-efficient progression on a seven hour per week schedule? Most of all, do you want a group of people that can enjoy each other as people, not just as means to an end? If I've caught your attention, <Walk of Shame> just might be the perfect fit for you.

Our raid times:

  • Tuesdays: 8pm-10pm Central Time(2hr)
  • Wednesdays: 8pm-10pm Central Time(2hr)
  • Sundays: 7pm-10pm Central Time(3hr)

With a schedule this light, we expect the average player to be able to make ~90% of these times. If you think these hours aren't exactly the right hours for you, we wish you the best of luck in your guild hunt!
Roles-wise, we need DPS as well as a skilled tank. With one of our tanks migrating toward ranged DPS to ease the roster, we hope that the second tank we recruit can really 'wow' us! As for DPS: Do you go hard in the paint? We're looking for YOU. The classes we need the most are listed below, but we are interested in recruiting, shitposting with, and throwing loot at ANY DPS player who can respect mechanics and do well for the group. Every guild says "exceptional players should apply," but we'll seriously find a place for you if you know your stuff and seek us out. It might take some work, but we can figure it out.

High priority:

  • Warlock (any)
  • Rogue (any)
  • Priest(Shadow)
  • Druid(Balance, Feral, Guardian)
  • Warrior(Protection, Fury)
  • Paladin (Protection)
  • Demon Hunter (Vengeance)

Medium Priority:

  • DPS player with a decent Tanking offspec
  • DPS player with a decent Healing offspec
  • All other DPS specs unlisted within high priority

What you can expect from us:
Our stint in raiding so far has yielded us 7/7H. We are actively determining the official roster that we will use for Mythic progression, and the bigger and better our roster (currently hovering in the 13-16 range), the easier the dive into mythic will become. When it comes down to it, we want to be slinging those i880+ items each week, and we actively want to recruit and gear out good players. Lets have fun and tear apart some content together. Our goal is not blowing up US top100 or scouring the roster of those who can't treat WoW like a job. We, ultimately, want to have fun together in a time efficient manner and keep the raiding portion of the game exactly what it is: a game. We want those raid nights to be how you blow your stresses away rather than cause more. With us, you can expect to be respected, informed, an valued as more than just a means to an end.

What we will expect from you:
Every night, come prepared with the following:
An Open Mind - Be respectful of your teammates and conducive to an environment where we all can learn without negativity, hatred, or toxic behavior. We will not carry serially underperforming players, but we will not go ad hominem on others due to failure. We fail or succeed as a group, and pushing for positive culture is the best way to avoid player disgust and burnout.
Thick Skin - If failures are occurring, be ready and able to take constructive criticism on how a fight can be improved. In addition, thick skin is a universal standard, and you should be ready to offer such criticism to other guild members where applicable.
Lots of consumables - prepare to stay flasked, fooded, and (if we're nearing a kill) potted at the right times.
Knowledge of your Class - With all the incredible tools out there, use logs, guides, class discords, and every asset you can to bring all the knowledge you can into the raid night. We have multiple players who have used these results to either improve or score in the 90th+% for fights, so we love to find others who do the same.
Light-heartedness! - to quote the raid leader, "We are just a group of goofy-ass dads running a stupid internet video game guild. We try not to take ourselves too seriously." We spend every moment outside of the encounter combat goofing around, gambling away our gold, and making fun of each other. We're here to have fun, so make sure to have fun with everyone!
Do you want in on this? Awesome. As our website is being uplifted, send me a PM here on reddit as well as add me on battle.net at Rainak#1927. Alternatively, you can send a bnet invite to our raid leader, yelsneh#1855. Let's get talking, I'll have a few questions for you, and then we'll be right onto the good stuff. We'll bring you into a Mythic+, I'll tank that bad boy(whatever the keystone is), and we'll have some fun together. Since we're looking for people that can have fun, handle pressure, and perform their role, don't forget to bring the heat. I'm excited to take a walk with any interested, and I look forward to further correspondence!

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