[Area 52][H] <Distance> LF raiders for heroic

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Hello all,

Distance is a new guild on Area 52 looking for raiders of specs to come and take a shot at raiding heroic and eventually mythic. We currently plan on raiding 4 days a week but those days are subject to change currently until we start growing our roster.

What we want out of our players:

  • Hardcore raiding mindset. Come prepared, come ready and able to preform.
  • Aspire to be an expert on your spec/classs.
  • Preform to the best of your ability.
  • Have fun raiding. 
  • Be able to take criticism.
  • Be mature

This guild is currently looking at starting heroic as soon as possible with the end goal being the transition into a mythic raiding guild. If you want to go the Distance please message me at Lavis#11420 (Battlenet), Lavis#5694, or here (although the first two will be faster). 

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