[Magtheridon][H] <Feared> 3/7 Heroic Recruiting ALL!

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Looking to expand our roster and finish up Heroic EN and look towards Mythic progression!

Immediate need for an OT and ranged DPS.

Raid schedule:
Friday 9p-11:30p EST
Monday 9p-11:30p EST

About Us:

<Feared> has been around since Vanilla. Our members have been raiding together off and on for years and want to expand our roster and bring in some fresh blood. We have a very laid back environment and we manage to get a lot done on a very light raiding schedule. On days we aren't raiding we run Mythic+ and look forward to farming Khara.

About you:

We expect you to have a solid grasp on your class and proper rotation. Show up to raid 15 minutes early with any consumables you will need. Have your gear properly enchanted and gemmed. 

Feel free to PM me with any questions here on the forums, or add me on Psikotik#1538

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Updated title to reflect current progress.

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