(Malfurion) <H> Infernum 6/7 H LF Healers

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Infernum - Horde - Malfurion

Server - Malfurion
Raid Days - Friday/Saturday
Raid Times - 8pm EST
Semi Hardcore Raiding

Voice Communication - Ventrilo

Current Progression
Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Normal 
Emerald Nightmare- 6/7 Heroic

Minimum ILVL - 850
Minimum 2nd+ Elite Weapon Talent

Currently Looking for

2-3 Healers Currently - 1 Priest, 1 Holy Paladin will take applications for other classes as well
2-4 Ranged DPS
1 Tank Druid

We are 90% a guild of players who all raided together between WOTLK and MoP before taking a break from WoW for the last few years. Over the last month we have returned to wow and are looking to fill the gaps left by some of our members who did not return.

While we currently only run 2 raid nights a week and are looking to push current content with everything we have and will run the raids 3-4 hours. We expect everyone to bring supplies and 100% of their attention to every minute of the raid night.

If interested please contact me through my Battletag Vanubial#1939

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