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Get Good is a newer guild on Proudmoore, on the alliance side. We have 2 groups of guys that have came together to make a great raid team. We are wanting to progress through mythics as quickly as possible, and we need 2-3 people to fill out our mythic team to progress. We like to kill, and want to have fun.

Current Progression: 7/7H on farm

Past experience: A few of us have been raiding since vanilla, a few from Swtor that came to wow for more challenging progression.
WoD progression 11/13 Mythic
Full clear on all previous expansions including 40man Naxx

Raid times: Friday and Saturday 5pm - 9pm server (8pm-12pm eastern time)
Possibly adding in another day for mythic progression when it comes times, which would be Tuesday around the same time.

Current Needs: All Spots here will be raid spots as long as you can perform.
Tanks: Current full on tanks.
Healers: Priest Holy/disc
Dps: Ranged - Shadow Priest/MM Hunter/Mage
Melee- Arms/Fury Warrior

We encourage all other classes to apply, if you are an exceptional player, you will still be considering for a raid spot. For any more information please contact me at Luheg#1390, Walsefuse#1219, Matt#18255, CyberlekVox#1930.

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