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[Twisting Nether][H] <Flawed> 5/7M

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Currently Recruiting:

Moonkin (medium)
Hunter (high)
Mage (high)
Shadow Priest (high)
Elemental Shaman (high)
Arms / Fury Warrior (high)

Raiding days:
Thursday (20-23)
Sunday (20-23)
Monday (20-23)
On progression we might vote for an extension of 30-60 minutes if we feel we are close to a kill.

Exceptional players are always welcome to apply all classes / specs will be reviewed and considered.
Looking to expand the roster as we are missing a few cores and some more for rotation and backup when people can't attend.

BNET Tag : 


Application Link:


Who are we?

- A guild created originally on the Jaedenar server during Cataclysm, the guild has retained some of it's core members but now mostly consists of friends / raiders / acquaintances of both old and new.


Our guild hub and headquarters. An app we use to keep in touch and store vital information. Be sure to check in frequently especially if you are raiding with us for new information.

Guild Policy

- Help one another, give criticism so we can grow as a team, but don't be an !?# about it.
- Check Guild Message of the Day (GMOTD) and calendar each day that you are logged in to keep yourself informed.
- USE DISCORD! (mandatory for those that will be raiding progression.) It has a lot of features
and is going to be pumped with valuable information as time goes on, do not think of it as just our "teamspeak" but our hub for information regarding anything WoW and guild related.
- Have fun!

Guild Goals

- Keep a healthy and proactive environment both in and outside of raids.
- Clear the hardest current content pre-nerfs via. 3 dedicated days of progression raiding a week.

Raiding Policy (Progression Raids)

- We are here to fulfill our destiny as nerds, kill dragons and have fun doing it HOWEVER;
- Be online and at the instance fully prepared 15 minutes before scheduled time at the LATEST!
- We are NOT a hardcore guild, but when we are doing any sort of progression we will be using our best players and punishing those who aren't carrying their own weight. We will not waste an entire evening or other people's time holding your hand during progression raids. So bring your A-Game EVERY TIME!
-There will be no tolerance for tardiness, "laziness" and in general simply showing up unprepared no matter what your guild rank is. It's easy to spot out who isn't on their game and is holding the team back whether it be mechanic or number wise. So don't show up thinking you can just mute yourself on discord, spam your rotation for 3 hours and everything will be fine. You will be replaced and under the risk of losing your privilege of progression raiding should your case be severe enough.
- We do not require 100% raid attendance, we will rotate people to give everyone a fair chance at progression raiding. However if you're someone that often has excuses then do not expect to be a priority amongst the raid leaders.
- Always stay up to date with your class. Don't play one specific spec with the same talent build on every encounter because it's "fun", know the strengths and weakness of each build so you are able to play your class at the best of your capabilities without being bottlenecked by ignorance.
- Times have changed and there will be a lot of different strategies in the upcoming raids. It's fine that you do general research beforehand but make sure to check with an officer for which specific tactics / strategies we will be using. Would be a waste to study for something that we won't be using!
- Do not have bad sportsmanship / bad attitude, progression raiding is not easy and takes both patience and discipline. If you are given criticism then listen to it and adjust, don't hold grudges it's nothing personal. If you can't withstand a healthy mindset towards that then you should consider if progression raiding is what you truly want.
- Listen to your "Superiors", they are not here to sustain their ego with a power flip but to ensure there is structure during raids. If you have an objection with certain tactics or whatever not then speak or whisper the raid leader(s). This is a democracy not a dictatorship.
- Raid extensions may occur. The raid leader will perform a ready check, if over 70% of the raid wishes to continue then it is up to the raid leader to decide on the time extension (up to a maximum of 30 minutes.)

Loot Rules

- We have come to the decision to run with this custom version of DKP until further notice as we belive it to be the best system for this guild.
- We will not be using any sort of DKP decay as of now, but we will implement such a system if people start hoarding DKP too much.
- DKP will be used on our main raiding days only (Monday, Thursday, Sunday)
- There will be an 80% DKP deduction to everyone's DKP when we progress into a new raid instance (i.e Emerald Nightmare --> Nighthold.)

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