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<Purple Nurple> is a fairly new guild with 6 active members currently aiming for great heights! We are on the alliance side on Frostmane currently in need of dps and tank to finalize our raiding team. We do appreciate and welcome anyone with an interest in joining the guild regardless of reason. We started out during Warlords of Draenor but during the end of the expansion people left due to inactivity and once again we find ourselves in need of members.

We expect you to be mature, and respect others. We are a bunch who like to enjoy the game. Blaming others during raids and whining will not be tolerated. Foul language and rude remarks are also not tolerated. Any form of rudeness towards members are not welcome in the guild. That being said, we do not want people to be too serious. Having a relaxed, mature, and fun guild is what we are looking to make. 

No raiding times have been set currently. First and foremost we would like to form a raiding team. Previously we raided during Wed, fri and sun at 20:00 - 23:00 server time. Having these times would make it easier for the previous members but the schedule is currently up for debate.

Contact info
You can reach me on this forum, in-game (char name Metara) or through Redsnappah#2197

Necessary info (application form)
(If you are applying for the raiding team)
Reason for joining:________
Introduce yourself:____________

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