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[Lightbringer/Mazrigos][A] <Moving To Mongolia> (7/7HC EN) Recruiting for mythic raiding

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<Moving To Mongolia> is a Mazrigos based guild stepping their shit up to run Mythic raids.

We have a two day raid schedule; Wednesday and Monday, 19:30-23:00 server time with an optional raid on Tuesday. Because of the amount of progress we wish to make and the strict requirements of mythics we will need players that are fully committed to Wednesday and Monday. Are well prepared for raids and have brushed up on their knowledge of encounters we will face (we’re not asking for expert knowledge, just an idea of what to expect in the fight.)

Our current progress is 7/7 ED normal and 7/7 ED Heroic and now we set our eyes on Mythic raids.

We are currently looking for:
- Several DPS (Specifically a shadowpriest, feral druids and retridins)
- 1 healer prepared to play an offspec (or disc priest)
- 1 healer 

We are also open for social members but our primary focus is raid progression on a compressed schedule.

What we can offer you:
Obviously you want to know why you should join our guild and not another;

Raid progression and loot – Pretty simple and what most people play for; progression and loot. Clearing content is what we will do. Clearing more difficult content is also what we will do. With that comes loot and achievements. 

Focused raids on a compressed schedule – We’re here for 1 main reason; to clear content. That’s normal raids, heroic raids and mythic raids. We’re only asking for 2 days commitment and focus, which in terms of intensity is quite…well…intense, but we’re not asking people to give up their lives to raid we aim to keep a nice balance between raiding and whatever else it is you do. We won’t be calling you up at 3am on Monday night asking you to raid, but just in-case we do PM me your number anyway.

A good raid atmosphere – As we are recruiting like minded individuals we will have a raid group where everyone is on the same page, with the same goals in mind. Because of this we won’t have a 12 year old Romanian screaming at you to move out of the fire; it will instead be a 28 year old Swedish fire mage passive-aggressively telling you to do more damage. But seriously, nothing good ever comes out of screaming at people and with everyone being here for the same reason on a tight timeframe we need to0be focused on the task at hand. Sure there will be disagreements, discussions and arguments as is natural, but our raiders are expected to handle these in a grown-up fashion.

As with most things there are requirements:

Commitment to the raid days – We will be raiding 2 days a week. In order to make good progress we need a full commitment to these 2 raid days (Wed/Mon 19:30-23:00) from our raiders. Obviously there are always exceptions; emergencies, work commitments and last minute plans that are important e.g a friend from out of town being visiting on that specific day. We can also consider part time slots assuming you are consistent. i.e you can never raid wednesdays but are always able to make mondays.

Be prepared – We won’t be fucking about with a really boring tone of voice officer explaining tactics for half an hour while waiting for that one priest to pop to the auction house to buy some mana pots; a few minutes to strategize, buff up, position and then off we go. Our raiders need to be prepared. Brief yourself however you need to on encounters and have your food buffs and pots ready (we have several alchemists and chefs ready in the guild that can help prepare things beforehand).

Be an adult – Due to the nature of our guild we have an age requirement of 23+, of course if you are younger than this we can assess this on an individual basis.

Discord – We use Discord. Install it.

Uphold the guild values – We don’t have many values, but don’t be an ass.

If you would be interested in joining us either post in this thread, orwhisper or send an in-game mail to any of the following and we’ll get back to you ASAP:




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