[Alleria][A] <Captivate> (7/7H) Need Ranged DPS for Mythic

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Hello all prospective applicants! Come stay up late with us!

<Captivate> is a Late Night Weekend guild on Alleria/Khadger that is recruiting raiders to help us shift gears to mythic. 

We're an easy going bunch of professionals that have real life commitments so we like to use our game time wisely. We value Real Life commitments over game time and will extend that courtesy to all members of our guild.

Our raid times are Fri/Sat 10PM-1:30AM PST and our current progression is 7/7N & 7/7H. 

Raid logs: 

We are currently looking for strong ranged DPS that value progression and want to raid mythic. 

Please contact Strobe#1308, Rhaynestorm#1932, Andycord#1164 or Grodaes#1970 for more information.

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