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[Aggramar][H] <RotP> (1/7M) 2 Night Mythic Prog

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Listing the meat first, and then we’ll talk about the guild.

- Aggramar is a vanilla server, 70/30ish Alliance heavy, and Medium population PvE.
- Tuesday/Wednesday Raid Days: 8-11 EST (5-8 PST)
- 1/7M needing 3-4 ranged dps, and maybe 2 melee. 
- Cabowabo#1707 (GM, Raid Lead) or Muleface (Co-GM) #1192 for more info. rotp.guildlaunch.com to apply.

Now for some history...

Return of the Phoenix has been around 6 years and saw some success in Cata and MoP in a more casual setting before swapping over to Mythic for Warlords. We finished the last expansion at 7/7M, 9/10M (no Blast Furnace), and 11/13M with 6% wipes on Manny pre-nerf. We started HFC almost 6 months late due to guild-wide break. We don’t expect to do that in Legion.

What we greatly prefer is for someone to jump into Mumble and really have no idea who's actually in charge due to the fluid movements of a team who knows what's up. Our Raid Leaders are knowledgeable and expect you to do your research BEFORE coming to raid because we don’t have time to explain mechanics to you and only raid 6 hours. Personal accountability to the team is a MUST around here, and although we don't keep crazy 5 night raid schedules, we are extremely serious about our performance while progressing. We may have more casual hours, but this is not casual raiding. We do that on Saturday night.

We're trying to add people slowly so we don't have a roster full of strangers. We're a guild full of adults, and plan on keeping it that way. I can think of about 5 people we've recruited out of trade chat over a 5 year period, and they're still in the guild. Friends and family of any member are welcome, but essentially this is a closed guild.

The guild covers ALL repairs while raiding, and meets you in the middle on off days. You are expected to have 375 food, flasks (even though we supply cauldrons regularly – no excuse for no flasks), and bags full of potions. We use health pots, NOT cookies. You will need a screen shot of your Raid UI when you apply, and please have logs from EN we can look over.

While this guild may be full of a bunch of morons who have a great time tormenting each other regularly, we are extremely serious about progression, and you won't find a better bunch of people to assist you in your class or just sit around and talk shop about WoW.

Thanks for reading. We hope to talk to you soon.

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Still looking for exceptional DPS, could particularly use a hunter though there is room for other RDPS as well as limited room for a melee.

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