[Draenor][H] <Downus Bossicus> 7/7Hc Lf Hpal and Ranged dps

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We in Downus Bossicus are looking for exeptional raiders
to join our ranks.  We're mainly looking for Ranged dps classes
and a Holy Paladin.

We raid Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday between the hours of 20:00 and 23:00
Might be extended a tiny bit if we feel like we're close to a kill.

What we can offer is a stable raiding environment.
Good banter during trash and full focus when we're engaging bosses.
We offer discounted flasks/pots and all that good stuff you might need for

We're currently sitting at 7/7 Hc and Norm, clearing both difficulties
on wednesday in under 3 hrs.  
We are going to go into mythic asap, and thats where you(?)
enter the picture,  atm we're 14 raiders. 3 Healers 2 tanks and a mix of dps.

What we require of you is.
High attentance during progress, mature, dedicated, class knowledge,
all that generic shit.  All in all, be a good player with the right mindset
for raiding.

If you have any questions, or think you are a good fit

Our website is:
Or you can add me or Esperansa on Bnet :  makkin88#2476 (me)  m0rphine#2519 (esperansa)

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