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We are a friendly quite big guild with lots of active members looking for some new people to fill the last spots of our raiding team for mythic progress in Emerald nightmare.

Our team was first created during late WoD but been filled up recently with new people for legions raiding, during raids we joke and have fun during trash and between bosses but is all serious when it comes down to boss fights.

We all aiming to reach our full potential and want to reach as high as possible on progress ranking, to do so we need few more people so we can get start with mythic progress.

Right now we 19 people all eager to get progress mythic, we cleared 7/7 HC and 3/7M, clear HC weekly now for fun and some gear. We also cleared 3/3NM and 2/3HC ToV

We currently recruiting a Havoc DH, Warlock and Shadow Priest but if you feel like you are right person for our team feel free to apply with any class we look over all applications.

For more information about our guild you can check our website:

If you wish to apply or have any questions please leave a reply here or apply on our forums, you can find link on our website.

Bnet: KriffKraff#2974

Thank you for reading and hope to see you in our guild :)

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Updated Progress and missing classes

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Also still looking for few people currently recruiting rogue, SPriest, Feral or any dps with good OS.

Updated post with missing classes and progress.

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