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Gold Making: Gray Items for Twinks

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Patch 7.1 added a lot of gray items with no level requirement. They are selling for high prices right now and find demand among bank alts and various PvP twinks, so instead of vendoring, you can resell them in the Auction House.

Update: Blizzard has applied a hotfix adding level requirements to all the items, so this no longer works.

Previous Gold Making articles:

All the gear has item level 500, which is huge.

List of Items:

TSM Group Import String


I have no idea if this is intended, it may happen that Blizzard applies a hotfix to add the level requirement, but for the time being, it's good for gold making.


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34 minutes ago, Sebbe551 said:

'Invalid string'

Go /TSM > Groups > Create a New Group (name it as you wish and insert the following in the import string, works fine for me).


Snímka obrazovky 2016-10-28 o 20.08.29.png

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5 hours ago, kezerek said:

Fixed. Now all item have 110 level requirement.

It's a shame, was good fun while it lasted :D

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