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[Draenor][H] <SuperMega DragonSlayerz> (1/7M, 7/7HC) LF Ranged DPS, Healer

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[Draenor] [H] <SuperMega DragonSlayerz> (1/7M, 7/7HC) LF Ranged DPS, Healer

Below you have information about us and what we are looking for in future raiders.

Guild: SuperMega DragonSlayerz
Realm: Draenor-EU

Homepage: supermega.enjin.com
Twitter: SuperMegaEU
Email: smdsEU@gmail.com
Contact: Zingo#21619
Recruiting: Ranged DPS & Healer
Progress 1/7 Mythic (7/7 Heroic)

Age: 18+ years old
Language: Well spoken english
ilvl: 865+
Attendance: 4/4 Raids
Experience: Former/Current Heroic+ Raider
Emerald Nightmare: Ready for Mythic Raiding

PC Related
Good Latency 
Good FPS
Proper working microphone
Voicecomm: Discord

Raid schedule: 20:00 to 23:00 ST
Normal/Heroic clears on Tuesdays.
Mythic progression on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Mondays.

Mythic+/Karazhan (clears/mount) guildruns daily.

Alt runs on Sundays (Optional)

If you meet the above requirements, feel free to continue on reading.

What we are looking for is hard working and dedicated longterm raiders.

Have the ability to adapt to situations on the fly togerther with a good attitude towards the guild and progression. 

Coming prepared goes without saying.

We in SuperMega DragonSlayerz have fun with likeminded & skilled players, that's our motto.

Raiders become friends and make the guild prosper.

My philosophy as a GM: Performance earns you a raid spot, weak links get replaced fast. I'll be damned to let the raid team suffer.

More about us during your Discord interview, where we talk more indepth about essential information regarding our guild and your role in the core raiding roster. (We never recruit for the bench!)

Thanks for reading and hopefully we'll see you ingame in a near future.

//SuperMega DragonSlayerz

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We are in need of:

Ranged DPS:  (All welcome)
Healers: All are welcome with priority on Disc/Holy Priest and Mistweaver Monk.
Melee DPS:  All are welcome with priority on Ret paladin, Feral Druid and WW Monk.
Tanks: All except Paladin, Druid and Monk, must have viable DPS or Healing Offspecs.


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