[US-Windrunner][A][H25] <No Quarter> 10/13 H ToT LF Range DPS

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<No Quarter> - 10/25 Alliance Progression Guild – US-Windrunner (PVE)

Realm Information: (US) Windrunner is a medium pop server that boasts a highly progressed and dominant Alliance population and a booming auction house.

Raid Times: Sun -Thurs, 5pm – 9pm (PST) 8pm - 12a (EST)

Current Progression : 13/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder

Loot: Loot Council

Looking for:Warlocks, Mages, Restoration Shamans, Elemental Shamans, Balance Druids, Windwalker Monk, (All exceptional players are welcome.)

We are currently recruiting core members to make the move back to a 25man raiding guild in preparation of 5.4 raiding.

Why No Quarter?

With our core group of members playing together as far back as Everquest, No Quarter has certainly maintained it's longevity and passion for gaming. After returning to World of Warcraft and its progression raiding scene in MOP 5.2, we have effectively and aggressively cleared content with the speed of established raiding guilds. Our confidence in each other and skill has allowed us to press on with progression despite growing pains. We are a unit and are only as strong as our weakest player. With that being said, No Quarter isn't only about raiding and getting loot and logging off. We are a close-knit community of like-minded individuals that do many things together not only in WOW but in other games and even offline.

Why you?

Welcome to No Quarter. If you're here, you are looking for something more out of your current gaming experience. You are a mature individual that knows the definition of teamwork. You enjoy raiding and want the best out of yourself and the people that you play with. You show up on time are prepared (consumables, mechanics, etc). You understand what it means to be a raider and from the first pull to the last death you play at 100%. You can adapt to change. You know your class, yet you are always looking to improve and polish your game play. You are drama-free and easy going with thick skin and a sense of humor. You have a stable internet connection and computer.

If you have any questions contact Gile (battletag Gile#1558) or Myrkel (battletag Myrkul#1849) in game or hit us up at our website httP://

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Bump. Still looking for exceptional players.

ALL THE WARLOCK LOOT RIGHT NOW IS MINE THOUGH...because I'm the only warlock...

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Brown is a greedy bastard. He even takes the gear that isn't an upgrade and breaks it down!

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Yes, if only I wasn't the enchanter who is in on every boss because healthstones. And maybe DPS.

Still looking for exceptional players for our raid core. Running 10 man and seeing the WRONG TOKEN drop EVERY WEEK is going to give me a brain aneurysm and then I'll hit my head against the wall if we wipe and that's GG for me.

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I'm taking agi 2H for Glyph of Felguard. Join now and stop me from filling my bank with weaps for my demon!

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And back for a bump. Still looking for exceptional players of all classes and moar of whatever is in the original post (locks, shammies, mages, monks, and boomkins).

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Definitely would be easier to bump if I could post in Chrome but oh well. Still looking for exceptional players.


Please contact the Battletag IDs in the recruitment post, it's faster than posting here and expecting a reply.

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Heroic Lei-Shen down, now time to get sleep and kill Ra-den tomorrow because people have work in the morning.


Another lock portal for pretty much everything would be AMAZING.

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And 4 months and change after first Heroic ToT kill, done, 13/13. Not bad given a bunch of us hit 90 in February.

Join now.

Edited by Brown

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      [H] Salvation (est.2007) is a progression raiding guild on US-Cenarion Circle/Sisters of Elune.
      Salvation is actively searching and recruiting players for current heroic content. What we look to do in the short-term is recruit players and gear them in our farm content. Mythic + will be run as well since it serves as another outlet to gearing up. By doing this we prepare them for our long-term goal, Mythic Mode Progression.
      We are now 11/11H. We are currently searching for players to bolster our roster to 20 for Mythic Mode Progression.
      Recruiting for Antorus
      Tanks- closed. (can still apply we can always find a place for you.) Melee- Rogue x1, Ret Paladin x1 Ranged- Mages x2, Hunter x1-2, Warlock x1, Balance Druid x1-2 Healers- Resto/Ele Shaman x1, Holy Paladin x1

      ***Exceptional applicants can feel free to sign up even if we aren't recruiting your class/spec. Outstanding applications will always be considered.
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      How to Join
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      We are currently 9/11HC Antorus and want to increase the raid team numbers.
      Currently we are looking for tank and dps to join our raiding team . Would love a Warlock but players of any spec are welcome to join the raid team. New members would be required to be active during the week for mythic + runs and attending the majority of raids, we understand that real life comes first but require active players to help us progress through content. All applicants must be of ilevel 950 minimum (this is easy achievable with LFR etc) and have experience in raiding HC Antorus, this is especially important for the tank role.  Applicants must be the kind of people who want to put the effort into raiding and wanting to contribute to raid goals the guild has or would like to achieve.
      We raid Thursday, Heroic Antorus and continue any left over content on Sunday. Raid times are 8:00pm server time to 11:00pm server time on each of the days.
      If you are interested please message Imryll in game (on every evening after finishing work) or leave your player name/realm/ilevel/spec here and I will get back to you ASAP.
      Many thanks for taking time to read this and hope to be adding some of you to our team.
      If you want to add me my battlenet is Eknz#2475
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      The Shadowstalkers are looking for dedicated members to join our raid team!

      Recruitment is currently OPEN. We're mainly looking for ranged dps!
      But we will consider any strong applicant

      We are a raiding guild with a long history on Argent Dawn, We are currently seeking new raiders to help us push our progression and aim to raise our rank as high as we can!

      Current progression is 6/11 mythic Antorus
      11/11 heroic Antorus
      6/9 mythic Tomb of Sargeras
      10/10 mythic Nighthold
      3/3 mythic Trial of Valor
      7/7 mythic Emerald Nightmare

      About your trial:

      -Minimum 930 average ilevel and up to date artifact traits required!

      - You will remain a trialist for around two raid lockouts to allow us to get a feel for you as a player and see how you fit and preform.

      - We want trialists to join the guild during their trial period to see how they fit socially as this is an important part of our guild.

      About our raids:

      - We raid Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 19:50 until 23:00 server time.

      - We expect raiders to maintain good attendance.

      - We expect raiders to keep us informed if they can't attend a raid.

      - All raiders must be willing to use voice chat and speak English.

      - All our raids are logged on Warcraft Logs ( should you wish to find more information about us.
      Please visit our Discord server at for more information and to check out our current class needs . You can apply to us here as well!
      If you would like to discuss the guild further please poke Hucknell or any of the other officers Rugnus, Jacob or Eubert in-game who will be glad to chat!

      Feel free to add my battletag for a chat
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      Guild: <Ex Inferis> - Draenor [EU]
      Faction: Horde Recruitment: Ranged and mellee DPS (Highest Priority: Mage/Paladin/Shaman/Lock/Rogue/Hunter/Demon Hunter/any good players that can do mechanics.)
      Raid Times: Tuesday and Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 (server time)
      Progression: 1/11M (5/9M last tier)
      Recruitment Contacts: Kolins#2477
      We are casual raiding Guild with a mature laid back attitude recruiting dps to fill our mythic roster.
    • By Casdon
      [US] Stormreaver — Skunkworks
      Tuesdays & Thursdays: 7:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M. (pst) || 9-1 (cst) || 10-2 (est)
      8/11M Antorus
      9/9M ToS
      10/10M Nighthold
      3/3M Trial of Valor
      7/7M Emerald Nightmare
      About Us
      Skunkworks is a guild for players who can not or do not want to commit to the time-intensive raid schedules of traditional "hardcore" guilds.
      However, we still maintain a high caliber player environment and make an efficient use of our raiding time.
      We raid Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:00 - 11:00 PST, just 8 hours a week and never more.
      We are very protective of our guild environment and selective in recruitment. We are looking for solid players mechanically as well as intellectually.
      We all get paid to deal with idiots, why should we pay to spend our leisure time with them as well?
      Skunkworks has been around for multiple expansions and has historically always been at the top of the 2-night raiding guild scene.
      Past Raiding Achievements
      #US 199 Mythic KJ #US 186 Mythic Archimonde #131 US Heroic Garrosh #68 US Heroic Ra-den #77 US Heroic Lei Shen #86 US Heroic Sha of Fear #106 US Heroic Madness of Deathwing #99 US Heroic Ragnaros #147 US Sinestra #91 US Heroic The Twilight Destroyer (Halion) #71 US Heroic Fall of the Lich King #247 US Tribute to Insanity #160 US Alone in the Darkness Current Guild Needs
      Amazing Range DPS ---Exceptional Candidates always considered regardless of recruiting needs.
      How to Apply
      Apply with Google Forms
      All applications are kept private.
      Please include at least the following.
          Prominent links to relevant armory pages ]A guild history with reasons for departure
          The reason(s) you have chosen to apply to this guild
          Warcraft Logs
          UI screenshots or fraps/Stream footage
      Contact Information
      Shadaka (GM)
      Real ID:Shadak#1881
      Aerivore (Recruitment Officers)
      Real ID:  Aerivore#1581
      Real ID: Sov#1192