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<Melodramatic> is a casually-hardcore raiding guild located on Tichondrius. What we mean by "casually-hardcore" is we raid 2 days a week, but on those 2 days we expect everyone to be there and be ready to try push progression!

We created Melodramatic with 2 simple goals, first to make friends and second to push ourselves in progressing farther than we ever have before!

We are currently 7/7H & 1/7M


In need of: More DPS especially Range DPS. Healers are always welcome as well.


Raid Nights are:

  • Wednesday @ 7:45pm PST to 11pm
  • Thursday @ 7:45pm PST to 11pm

Loot Rules:

  • DKP

Voice Chat:

  • Discord

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join.


For additional info and stuff check out:

For anything not posted on the link, message me on here or on realid at Jarrior#1409


Edit for update:

Edited by Jarrior

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