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<Terrabad> is a friendly guild looking to expand our progression team with more ranged DPS (especially a Hunter)! We are currently 7/7 for Heroic Mode in The Emerald Nightmare!

We raid two nights a week, Wednesday and Thursday night from 7-10 p.m. (EST) with Monday night being optional to progress a bit further before weekly reset. We typically run a lot of Mythic/Mythic+ dungeons over the weekend and on non-raid nights as well.

The five founders of the guild are WoW veterans and IRL friends who have been raiding on and off since Vanilla/TBC. We're a chatty bunch and fairly easy-going, but we're dedicated to pushing the content as hard as we can. We're looking for people who, like us, take raiding seriously, but don't want to treat it like a second job. Most of us are adults with families and real life priorities, so we don't want to squander the time we do have to play together.

Even if you're not interested in raiding, plenty of us frequently level alts, farm Legacy content, and PvP.

If you're interested in joining, feel free to add me on bnet (Fappy #1883) or message me in-game (Manadork is my main). You can comment here if you have any questions as well!

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