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[Emerald Dream][H]<We Are Legends> (6/7 H) Open Recruitment

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<We Are Legends> is recruiting active members and raiders. Mainly Looking for DPS and Heals for raid force, however all classes welcome. WAL is a 2 day Semi-Casual Raiding Guild. We raid 9pm-12am Est Thurs&Friday and are currently 6/7 Heric. We also run a  Normals on Saturdays (early afternoon est) for our EU members, and NA Alts. Contact TehG00SE#1598 with any questions =).


What is We are Legends?

WAL is at its core, a gaming community branched off from the Variety MMO Streamer DocGotGame. We have grown past that description, and have become much more. At its heart, WAL is a competitive PvX community with a large amount of our members loving one or both PVE and PVP. Our goal to be a home for everyone based on what you want to offer, not what you can offer. This meaning, we don't recruit based on skill, we recruit on the drive; the motivation to be better and not just better, the best; and in turn, as a community we become the best. We believe strongly in results before excuses, and our all or nothing approach to everything we do. Welcome to We are Legends, where "The greatest barrier to success, is the fear of failure."


We will have 2 very different sides of the guild, PVP and PVE, led by multiple officers for each. You are more than welcome to be a part of both. We are not picky on gear score, your raid history, your arena score, or any of the above. There will be at some point in the guild where those things will matter (the game is designed around that mattering), but it will not get you declined, or booted from guild. In WAL you grow at your pace, a lot of us are relearning ourselves, and as former “try-hards” we like spreadsheets and numbers, so we over analyze things, and have no issues teaching and sharing knowledge. If you are casual, be casual. If you are hardcore, be hardcore. Obviously those who push to grow will see more premades, raids, and such than those that don’t, but there is a place for everyone. This style can take time to grow, and is not for everyone, but it makes for a much more enjoyable environment and environment is important to us.

PVE: That being said; due to Game progression, our Progression Raid force currently requires for Heroic Progression is ilvl840. For DPS, an average of 180kdps is also required. We currently have no requirements for Normal Raid Difficulty.

PVP: Our current focus has been PVE, we have several people willing to jump into it but require someone actively willing to lead it to more than random RBG Queues =). Let us know if  interested.


Our Structure

WAL follows a unique ranking structure. Higher roles are not looked at as popularity, but someone with more responsibility. Anything above recruit is expected to contribute to the guild with strategies, content, ideas, knowledge or anything else to aid us on our journey to Domination. The Guild Master, Officers and High Council’s ideas will obviously stand out, however, they are not final. We know how to go about the basic road to success, but do not know every bump in the road. As members, officers and recruits you are here to help the guild as a whole become the dominating force we want to be. Guildmaster and the officer roles are only in position to push towards the goal reaching it can only happen through our members. Strong members can only turn into strong leaders. The goal for us has always been to be the name that stands out. In World PvP, PVE Content or even BG’s, we want people to say “oh game over WAL is here”. We want any ONE member of WAL to be able to walk into any situation and lead it to victory. Higher ranks are not given by your ability to play the game, but your ability to lead others in it. That ability does not come with gear, or ranks, it’s a whole other part of the game you will learn here.

That all being said...... if still interested....We Are Legends  is Recruiting.

Server: Emerald Dream

Faction: Horde

PVP: Looking for all, any level, any class. In need of solid leadership to take the reigns.

PVE: Open to all. Main Progression group is looking for DPS and Heals, currently 6/7 Heroic. ilvl840 (+180kdps for DPS). Openly recruiting for casual Mythic/Mythic+ Dungeons and possibility of 2nd Raid Group.

PVE Schedule: Thursday & Friday - 9pm - 12am EST Progression, we also run Normal Raid on Saturdays for our EU Members, and NA Alts.

PVE Loot System: Loot Council/Officer Loot


Requirements: (Outside what is listed above) 

  • A drive to be better than you are now
  • A back bone – You will not last long if you can’t stand up for yourself, or accept criticism as it’s important for learning
  • A Mic... or at least headphones - Seriously guys and gals, its 2016 we don't care what you sound like...
  • Friends, Alts are fine – As mentioned before, we are almost always openly recruiting, we are open to new friends, even if they can’t always play with us. We WILL remove inactive alts though...will define inactive when it becomes an issue.
  • Your wit – We have little to no issues with trolling but keep it to a full roar when it comes to Guildies/Horde. We want to be a welcomed sight. NOTE: Yo momma jokes do not classify as wit, if you can’t win the troll fest, leave it to the pros ;)
  • Don’t make excuses.... we have all seen "That Guy" that duels outside a town, and every time he loses he makes an excuse.. "man you healed", "bro you suck so bad", "I had no cd’s", or the ever famous "Lucky I'm not on my main". Accept all defeats and learn from them. You will never get anywhere thinking you're the best, and not admitting when you fall short.
  • No drama! – Seriously.. shoo.. go away..
  • 18+? – Currently there are no restrictions on this. If you are 13 and act 10, then this may not be a good place, but if you are 14 and can conduct yourself with adults.. then we have no issues.


What to expect? 

Something you hopefully haven't experienced. As mentioned before, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to communities and guilds that we have learned over the years. PVP and PVE can be equally strenuous, both are forever evolving. At WAL we recognize the fact that 1 person can change the outcome of any situation with a simple injection of knowledge brought forth by anyone. Skill and Items are not everything to us. Last but not least; being a part of an active community in and out of WoW. WAL is not the largest community out there, but we don't exactly strive to be.

Our websiteCurrently under re-development.

DiscordWe Are Legends

Teamspeak: Mainly used as backup of Discord is down.

Contact:  TehG00SE#1598 - Officer (Me)

Contact:  Beaz0r#1509  - Guildmaster

Contact:  Kibbelznbitz#1525 – Raid Leader

Contact: luxyofLoxly#1204 - Officer


Thank you all for your interest, or lack thereof.  =)


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