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Nexus Roadhouse is a new Alliance guild formed for Raiding in Legion.  We are currently 1/7M and working on Mythic. Prior to mythic (for now) we clear heroic, in which all guild will be welcome and expected to join.


What we need ASAP:

·       Shadow Priest

·       Demo/Destro Warlock

·       Retribution Paladin

·       Enhancement Shaman

·       Restoration Shaman

·       Restoration Druid

·       Mage

·       Elemental Shaman

All other classes/specs will be heavily considered; skilled players are always welcomed. This helps promote a competitive atmosphere.


Loot Method: Starting out Personal Loot, moving to a Loot Council when we get to tier sets.



Raid Times: Tuesday | Thursday 10:30PM - 1:30AM EST (Adding a 3rd day to the schedule soon)



Goal: Clear Mythic level raid content in Legion


We are looking for focused and experienced raiders who will have excellent attendance in the coming months. We are also open to people seeking Mythic+ groups and help. If you would like more information, feel free to add Amo#11683 [Recruitment].

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