[EU-Ghostlands][A] 10m (12/12) seeking ranged DPS

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Guild Name: Harvest Moon

Faction: Alliance

Realm (US/EU): EU

Realm Type: PvE

Raid nights: Thursdays / Sundays

Raid times: 21.00-23.30 server time

Harvest Moon [A] is looking to recruit for its core 10M raid team, raiding 2 nights a week - Thurs / Sun - from 21.00 - 23.30 server time.

We are looking for committed players who perhaps don't have the room in their schedule for more hardcore guilds, but wish to see current-tier content with a group of like-minded adults who take the time they commit seriously, if not themselves.

We're seeking ranged DPS (especially those w/ a strong OS) for our 5.4 team!

Hunter, Shadow Priest and Elemental Shamans are especially needed!

All raid members will need to have Mumble, and be prepared to use it (that means talking, and laughing at the DK when he stands in the poop).

You must be willing to research new encounters, show up to raids nights on time and correctly gem'd and enchanted, and prepared for a serious, focussed night of raiding with a fun, mature team environment. Our aim is to have a welcoming, friendly environment throughout the guild, and this will carry over to our raids.

Applicants should be 18 years or older (but exceptions can be made), mature and friendly. Previous raid experience is not necessary, however a knowledge of your class and an understanding that sometimes wipes are an essential way of working through encounters, are.

For more information, whisper an officer in-game, tweet us at @HarvestMoonEU, or visit us at

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I cannot recommend this guild enough. Anybody who'se looking for a friendly guild would be happy here :)

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Not sure what we're searching for currently, but it's worth mentioning that we went up to 12/12 Normal last night! :)

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