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[Burning Legion][A]<Sky Guild> (Turkish Guild)

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Sky Guild - Burning Legion EU (Alliance) (Turkish Guild)


Sky Guild olarak herkesin birbirini tanidigi, sosyal yonu guclu, insanlarin birbirine guvendigi ve saygi duydugu, gruplasmalardan uzak, herkese adil ve esit mesafede duran bir yonetim kadrosu ile emeklerin karsiliksiz kalmadigi bir guild ortaminda uzun yillardir birlikteyiz.

WoW oyununu temelde bir hobi veya hos vakit gecirmek icin bir arac olarak goren ve bunun icin duzenli "Zaman" ayirabilen oyunculariz.

Guild oyuncularimiz icin yasaklara ve kurallara hic bir zaman ihtiyac duymadik, saygili, hosgorulu ve anlayisli olmak yeterlidir, onyargi, sabirsizlik ve ofke yersizdir dedik.

Uzun vadede bunu basarabildigimiz icin hala buradayiz ve WoW oynamaya hep birlikte devam ediyoruz.

The Emerald Dream 7/7 Heroic tamamlandi, Mythic Progresse devam ediyoruz, aramiza katilmak isteyen oyuncular oyun icerisinden "Skyruler" a (Battle Tag : Shadowstar#21671) whisp atarak veya http://skytheguild.enjin.com adresinden ulasabilir. (Merak ettiginiz tum konular web sitemizde aciklanmaktadir)

Warcraft dunyasinda gorusmek uzere,

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      Azerite Surge - Draw upon your inner strength. Release to invoke the power of Azerite, dealing 0 Fire damage. Empowering has the following effects: I: Deals [ 113.4% of Spell Power ] Fire damage. II: Heals allies for [ 100% of Attack Power ]. III: Deals [ 113.4% of Spell Power ] additional Fire damage to the highest health enemy. (2.5 sec cast, 2 min cooldown) Hyper Productive - Increases Finesse by 0%. Finesse increases the chance of gathering additional materials. Ingest Minerals - You are always Well Fed, but cannot consume food. Activate Ingest Minerals to consume a gem and change the benefit granted to you by Well Fed.  Amber: Stamina Emerald: Haste Onyx: Mastery Ruby: Critical Strike Sapphire: Versatility Titan-Wrought Frame - Base armor from equipped items is increased by 0%. Wide-Eyed Wonder - When you gain experience for exploring a location, gain 0% additional exploration experience. Courtesy of MrGM.
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      We had the opportunity to attend a group interview where developers answered some interesting questions about The War Within.
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      Delves will be cross-faction. There will be Warband-bound rewards from Delves. Levels and Gear: 11 difficulty tiers total, with tier 9 and above not offering any new loot, mainly for bragging rights. Tiers 1 and 2 immediately selectable, 3 at max level, 4-11 when season 1 starts. There might be higher tiers as well, some possibly with just a boos room. Included in the Great Vault; gear for Tiers 8-9 equivalent to Mythic+5. Most delves will have static maps, with the dynamic part being enemy spawns, treasures and similar. The rotation of these dynamic changes are currently on a daily basis, but that may change as it's still being decided. Unlimited entries, but restrictions on the number of rare and epic keys. No downscaling in higher tier Delves, they can be outgeared. Companions: Brann progresses up to level 50, advancements shared with your Warbound. Brann is the companion for Season 1, with different companions planned for future seasons.
      No account-wide gold, but you will be able to deposit your gold to the Warband bank, where other members can take it out. Double click to log in Warband chars should be available, but not 100% sure yet. No plans to add more than 4 characters in Warband screen. Unclear if there will be additional poses and other options for the Warband screen, it's still being discussed. Events
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      NPC work orders for professions, mostly for skilling up.
      Raids and Mythic+:
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      Set to start at the end of the week with a Tuesday game launch. New raid opening delayed to prevent early access advantages, ensuring no unfair benefits from the most expensive pre-order options. Customizations:
      No new glyphs for character customization at launch, with a commitment to add more customization options throughout the expansion. An idea for sharable links/codes for transmog setups was mentioned, and while they did not confirm it was being worked on, there was a seeming hint that it may be, even with the code showing where to get parts you're missing from the transmog set. Feedback and Development:
      Evaluating player feedback on Brann’s performance in Delves and overall class balance in the Alpha.
        You can check out all our War Within Alpha preview content in the hub.
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      Here are the bosses we'll face in the first War Within raid Nerub-ar Palace and the item level of loot!
      The raid features many Nerubian boss and has a Heart of Fear vibe.
      Ulgrax the Devourer
      Driven mad by endless hunger, Ulgrax is the ravenous protector of Queen Ansurek's court.

      The Bloodbound Horror
      In the dark pits below Nerub-ar Palace, the blood of the Old Gods congeals in foul, black pools. The Bloodbound Horror rises from this vile ooze - drawing everything in its path into The Unseeming

      Sikran, Captain of the Sureki (no model yet)
      Born into a noble family, Silkran established himself as an arrogant duelist within Queen Ansuerk's court. Never knowing the cut of an enemy's blade, Sikran dispatched his rivals one-by-one and was proclaimed Captain of the Sureki by the queen herself. This indomitable fighter now ensures that any who threaten the throne fall before its might.
      Twisted by Queen Ansurek's experiments, Rasha'nan was transformed from a proud nerubian into a monstrous winged horror. Trapped within her new form, shattered memories of her former self drive Rasha'nan into an unquenchable rage.

      Eggtender Ovi'nax
      Deep within the bowels of the queen's palace, Eggtender Ovi'nax conducts abominable experiments with the black blood found in Azj-Kahet. This corpulent horror lumbers through the palace's cavernous depths, regurgitating inky sludge onto hatchlings to observe its gruesome effects.

      Nexus-Princess Ky'veza
      Nexus-Princess Ky'veza arrived at Nerub-ar Palace only recently, quickly establishing herself as a confidante of Queen Ansurek. However, rumors abound within the inner court that she may harbor a dark and deadly secret. If discovered, the princess is prepared to dispatch all witnesses without mercy...

      The Silken Court
      Scarab Lord Anub'arash and Skeinspinner Takazj are among Queen Ansurek's most trusted advisors. Yet, these two powerful nerubians harbor a hatred for each other even more powerful than their loyalty to the throne. While unleashing their considerable strength onto their enemies, each is also fighting to ensure their counterpart does not survive.

      Queen Ansurek
      After a revelation of traitors in her court, Queen Ansurek decides she must eradicate the palace's invaders herself. However, paranoia over whom she can trust gnaws at her psyche. With her allies dwindling Queen Ansurek may delve into dark powers to attain victory, even if that means her most loyal soldiers become her next meal...

      Item Level of Loot from Nerub-ar Palace Bosses
      Raid Finder Difficulty: Item Level 571-580 Normal Difficulty: Item Level 584-593 Heroic Difficulty: Item Level 597-606 Mythic Difficulty: Item Level 610-619 Very Rare Drops
      Raid Finder Difficulty: Item Level 580 Normal Difficulty: Item Level 593 Heroic Difficulty: Item Level 606 Mythic Difficulty: Item Level 619  
      You can check out all our War Within Alpha preview content in the hub.
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